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20 Years Of Kargil War

Remembering the bravery of Indian Army from the Kargil War through Polo

20 years ago when the decade of the ’90s was coming to an end, India face a revolt that marked history- the Kargil War. In 1999, the Indian Army worked strategically after defeating the opposition with ‘Operation Vijay’. This year, the illustrious Kargil War will see a commemoration of 20 years the celebration of which will dwell the country from Delhi to Dras, a valley in Jammu & Kashmir. Remembering the bravery of the Indian Army from the Kargil War, the celebration will get live with the motive to evoke the feeling of patriotism among the citizens of the country. It will also come as a reminder for the young of how the valiant soldiers took bullets at the Kargil War while serving the country. Till date, the Kargil War is remembered modern hill. Adding to this the Army said, “ The Kargil War will always be remembered for its tactical surprises.”

In order to mark the 20th commemoration of the success of the Kargil War, that is also known as the ‘Kargil Vijay Diwas’, the Indian Army has planned a series of events in Delhi as well as Dras for the entire month of July. The celebration of the ‘Kargil Vijay Diwas’ will start from 14th July 2019 in the nation’s capital with a ‘Victory Flame’ for the success of the Kargil War, that will be initiated from the National War Memorial and will be taken through 11 towns and cities across the country to finally reach Dras where the ‘Victory Flame’ will meet the eternal flame at the ‘Kargil War Memorial’. This ‘Victory Flame’ will mark importance as it will have a number of educational and patriotic engagement among young students and eminent army civilians.

The other events will include the recreation of the series of incidents that took place at the Kargil War 20 years ago. Along with it, the celebration of the Kargil war will also witness the expedition units who participated in it. Army confirmed that “The year 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of the victory of the ‘Operation Vijay’ that is also popularly recommended as the ‘Kargil War’.” He further added that the Kargil War is no less than a saga of strong military, politics, and diplomats. “The nation shall celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Kargil war with inspiration, pride, and honor,” said the Army.

This year the theme of the celebration of the Kargil War is ‘Remember, Rejoice and Renew’ and keeping this is mind, a lot of activities will become the part of the celebration that will shape itself no less a festival. As the ‘Kargil Vijay Diwas’ has been a special occasion for people in Leh-Ladakh and Dras, the places will see several competition organised for the locals. People will be seen participating in ‘Ek Daud Shaheedon Ke Naam’. This will be followed by popular sports competitions where the local population will be taking part extensively. One of the most popular sports in the celebration of the Kargil War will be Polo. As reported by Mohammad Amin to LA POLO, the polo tournament will start from 11th July 2019 and will witness the finals on 24th July 2019. He further informed that the tournament will witness seven teams in participation namely;

1.Himalayan Polo Club
2.Shina Drass Polo Club
3.Goshan Polo Club
4.Himalayan Hawk
5.Tohir Club Holiyal
6.Youlboo Polo Club
7.Goshan B

Match Report:

1st Match Shina Drass beat Goshan B
2nd Match Himalayan A beat Youlboo
3rd Match Tohir Club Holiyal beat Himalayan B

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