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Polo Master Open de Gassin, is being held at St Tropez Polo Club from 20th to 30th July, 2017.

Polo Master Open de Gassin, is being held at St Tropez Polo Club from 20th to 30th July, 2017. The polo matches during this duration are not open to the public except Sundays of finals (Sunday polo). The participating teams include ERG, Marquard Media, Antelope, Pull Love, Chateau d’Aulne, and 21st Luxury.

The qualification matches were held from 20 July to 27 July, in which all the teams participated. ERG managed to beat Pull Love 9-8. Marquard Media defeated El Milagro 12-7.5. Antelope managed to beat 21st Luxury by 11-10 and El Milagro won by 10.5-5 from ERG. The Semi Finals will be held on 28 July and the finals will be held on 29 and 30 July.

Team Antelope and Team 21st Luxury made it to the semi finals. Most of the semi-final matches have been determined after Tuesday matches at Saint Tropez Polo Club.

The first match consisted of team Antelope and Saint Tropez. Antelope beat Saint Tropez with a score of 11-7.5. Both teams really wanted a place in the semi-finals. Antelope defined the game in the third chukker when they scored 5 goals versus only one scored by their opponents.

In the next match, 21st Luxury beat ERG by 8-6. It was a decisive 15-goal match, as both teams wanted a place in the semis. But, 21st luxury took the victory, thanks to a great performance by Silvestre Fanelli. They await their rival in the semifinals.

The next match consisted of Marquard Media and Pull Love, where Pull Love beat Marquard Media 12-9. Pull Love needed a secure win before considering a penalty shoot out. Nicolas Espain and Agustin Garcia Grossi had a great game. Despite a good performance by Marquard Media, Pull Love claimed the victory.

The next game will determine how the tournament continues. The possibilities are the following:

8-10 Goal category: The winner of the match between Villa a Sesta and Las Plantas will qualify for the semis: VT WEalth MGMT, Cibao La Pampa and Antelope.

12-15 Goal category: Qualified directly: Antelope and 21st Luxury. If Chateau D'Aulne/El Milagro beats Antelope, will join the two aforementioned teams, and Pull Love, ERG and Marquard Media will go to penalties on Thursday. If Antelope win, Chateau D'Aulne / El Milagro will have to go to penalties.

The Polo Masters / Open de Gassin will resume on Wednesday with the last day of qualifiers: 10am, 8-10 goal category: Villa A Sesta vs Las Plantas 11am, 8-10 goal category: Dark Ice vs La Bien Mirada 11am, 12-15 goal category: Antelope vs Chateau D'Aulne/El Milagro 5pm, 8-10 goal category: VT Wealth Management vs Cibao La Pampa