Exercises that will make you better horse rider

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3 Exercises To Help You Become A Better Horse Rider

We can’t help the shutdown and the isolation, but we can definitely help ourselves to stay fit

It is nothing novel to pronounce that more than half of the world population is under a lockdown keeping up with the outbreak of Covid 19. With this, we are left with nothing but an option to maintain the much required social distancing. But while we are locked in our own houses, this does not mean that we must not take care of our fitness. We at LA POLO suggest that now is the time that we shall brush up our skills, so that once all of this is over, we come out better prepared and much skilled.

For this, we bring for you, 3 exercises to help you become a better horse rider. Let’s get going!

1. Side Planks Lie down on your left side. Place your feet together, on top of one another. Next, lift yourself on your left elbow as well as forearm. Begin exercise by raising your hips so that your body forms a straight line. Place the right hand on the right hip. Keep the position intact for 30 seconds, and then repeat for the other side.

2. Hip Stretch During the hip stretch, to stretch both sides, sit with your legs straight in front while your back straight. Then, slightly work your legs apart-- as far as they can go. Hold onto the position to relax for a few seconds. Now, as you exhale, bend forward at your hips. Be sure to keep your chest up and maintain inward curvature of the lower back. Stay in this pose for an appropriate time. This exercise offers benefits within 30 seconds.

3. Bent Over Row This exercise works at strengthening the muscles between the shoulder blades. All you have to do is stand on the middle part of the tights with your feet and shoulder width apart. Then, bend forward slightly keeping the back straight. Next, you need to hold your tights like reins and bend your elbows. Now pull your hands towards your chest and pull your shoulders back while bringing your shoulder blades together.