LA POLO reaches a milestone of 150 Digital Magazine and at this we bring to you 50 things opulent

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50 Things Opulent

Opulence is a way of living life and to follow it does not come out of privilege, instead it needs to be created. We bring to you 50 things all opulent from our large tank.

The Watch That Reversed Time In the 1930-31 winter, a group of polo players went to Swiss businessman and watch-dealer Cesar de Trey, asking him to create a time-piece that could withstand the brutality of the polo mallet. After applying his genius into the making of this historic watch, he sent the request to Jacques David LeCoultre. The French designer, Rene Alfred Chauvot, who was vested with the task of the development of this new watch case dropped the usual idea of applying a protective grill on top (a technology that was used for the WW1 military watches) and instead curated a reversible case to protect the dial and glass of the watch. And that’s how we had the famous Reverso.

2.Polo & Scotch Whisky

The cavernous bond of polo and scotch whiskey is clearly evident in India, Vietnam, and China. To being considered as a non-starter, Chivas Regal made China overtake USA to become the leading market in the world for the same. The Management Committee of the Keepers of the Quaich upholds the spirit of the blooming scotch industry and Peter Prentice, who has also played a key role in revival of civilian Polo in India and polo in China, has been serving as its Chairman.

3.The Legendary Life Of Rajmata Gayatri Devi

Born in the royalty of Cooch Bihar, Gayatri Devi was the daughter of Maharaja Jitendra Narayan and Maharani Indra Devi. Born on 23 rd May 1919 in London, she was the perfect example of elegance and style all her life. Celebrating happiness for 90 years, she died on 29th July 2009. Read more about her: https://www.lapolo.in/blog/legendary-life-rajmata-jaipur-gayatri-devi/

4.The Silver Ghost

The Rolls Royce 40/50 H.P. Silver Ghost, according to reports and records, is said to be “on test” dated 28th January 1914. After the test the Rolls Royce 40/50 H.P. Silver Ghost was delivered to Baker of London who then fitted its open drive limousine coachwork. The Rolls Royce 40/50 H.P. Silver Ghost in many ways resembled the typical formal cars of the era. This vintage car has all the air of a high roofline car that comes with large windows that cleared the way for top hats that remained in fashion during that time. Barker added curved molds in the front doors along with other things that added grace to the Rolls Royce 40/50 H.P. Silver Ghost.

5.Equine Style

Fashion cannot be isolated from equestrian sports dictates style- the primary reason of it being that a majority of buyers are women who associate a sense of romanticism with horses. Classic, elegant and chic, the equestrian style speaks volumes with its rich history of polo. Fashion and decor get revived even after they seem to be outdated, thus, classic equestrian trends never fall out of fashion. These years have also witnessed the popularisation of helmet-style hats. In a majority of polo tournaments, one can find vendors from all parts of the world to display their accessories and clothing and to pick out unique styles from them is a thrill in itself. A lot of it depends on the race, location and time of year; and the choice of dark and light hues can be incorporated uniformly. Ashley Cline, an equestrian stylist, feels that the beauty of horses enchants everyone to the equine style.

6.Royal In Your Kitchen

There is nothing which is not royal about the Royal Coffee Maker. The device is so constructed that the coffee and water meet at the perfect temperature to extract the delicate oils and flavours but not enough to burn your tongue. With no artificial filters and a seamless 24 carat gold, copper, or silver finish, the coffee maker has been carefully handcrafted by award-winning Parisian sculptor Monsieur Rieutort. The craft is rare, and each one is numbered and tested by experts. Each maker requires at least 50 hours of hard work. Possessing one is a symbol of ultimate perfection and luxury.

7.Maritime Malt

Maritime malts have a rather salty taste, and a distillery off the Scottish coast called Old Pulteney has been manufacturing classic maritime malt for years now. The "magic" of the taste is probably adduced to the humid coastal air. The best place to delve into the intricacies of a scotch whiskey is a whiskey tasting spot or by trying the king of classic cocktails-whiskey cocktails. This is perfectly idealistic for novice drinkers. However, when it comes to pairing whiskey with food, it is always advisable to pair it with dishes that can oppose the burst of flavours provided by the whisky . The balance needs to be stressed upon or else too much of contrasting flavours can undermine the flavour of one of the elements and little difference would make no difference at all.

8.A Palace That Saved Lives

The famous Umaid Bhawan has a story of generosity behind that regal grandeur- the story about providing employment to famine stricken people during the 1920s. Maharaja Umaid Singh was deeply struck by the hardships of farmers and henceforth commissioned the man behind the government buildings of Delhi-Henry Vaughan Lanchester. It is because of this that the dome of the Umaid Bhawan is a fine combination of western technology and Indian architectural features. Moreover, no walls in the Palace have nails or wiring and large blocks with interlocking joints have been used. Once one of the largest residences of the world, Umaid Bhawan speaks out of modernity despite age-old architecture.

9. The Oxford Affair

When Prince Albert of Scotland got a pair of shoes designed which made it feasible for him to move around, who had thought that the designer shoes would come up as balmoral oxford shoes? The evolution of Oxford shoes is obviously centered on Oxford University where students evolved a half boot shoe into the sleek and elegant closed oxford shoes which have eyelets beneath the vamp. These eyelets furnish an elite look to it and got popular among women seeking to show off a rebellious, bold look. They soon found their place on the dancing floor as well. Presently, they are known as brogues.

10.Your Soul In The Perfume

Some of the top-line collection of Henry Jacques perfumers include-

1. Mr H and Mrs Y: This is sure to reflect sentiments, storytelling, and stories of love, it being a manifestation of
French Elegance. More importantly, it strengthens the belief that a grace must be persistent despite the vagaries of
life. It is a triumph of the natural over vain pretence. The makers intended to express the immensity and fragility of life.

2. No. 16 and No. 81: The expressive and futuristic No. 16 & No. 81 with their contemporary attitude and self-assured character, solicits optivism, voicing our own stories, making our own new recollections. The citrusy presence of Grapefruit adds a tint of mystery and entanglement in its aroma.

3. Fanfan & Galileo: Their character is more of a natural union of cheerfulness and cherished emotions. The warm European scent made of lavender and Italian mandarin add the charisma while Tobacco, Myrrh, and Amber arouse an unrestrained, luxurious side.

11.The Empire Waist

The emergence of empire waistline trends originated from French as well as the British style. Hence two regions together resulted into an amalgamation of style thereby giving rise to an ‘empire waistline silhouette’.

12.Making A Statement

The 1959 BMW 507 was seen as a brilliant statement by BMW and its sporting lineage that once flourished with the success of BMW 328 before World War II hit the world. BMW 507 was launched in the year 1955 after American BMW importer Max Hoffman envisioned to meet the gap between Mercedes-Benz 300SL and MG and Triumph. The engineering of the 1959 BMW 507 was led by Fritz Fiedler and the mechanism taken largely from the 50 and 503 series. The end result of the 1959 BMW 507 was that this now vintage car had all the characteristics of BMW from its excellence to performance to construction and design.

13.The Single Malt

Highland single malts are manufactured by default in Scotland. As it goes to various areas, it acquires different shapes and forms-the sweet malts in north, fruity and dry malts in south, pungent malts in east, and smoky malts in the west. Balblair is extremely conscious about making the best, and this dedication makes them a carrier of ancestral legacy. One of the oldest distilleries is known for blending fruity flavour with robustness. It is Balblair's collection that is further matured in America and Spain; where the former incorporates flavours of vanilla, coconut or butterscotch and the latter involves the dry and strong flavours of cinnamon or nutmeg. An important companion of whiskey is good glassware; Glencairn is deemed a good choice. A good thumb rule to know the age of whiskey is adding a drop of water which an older whiskey won't react to.

14.Hats- Symbol & Authority

Apart from their protective utility, hats have been considered as an epitome of status in historic times. Besides being a posh fashion trend, hats hold a strong Vietnamese reference. A fable in Vietnam iterates how a goddess offered respite from incessant rains to an entire village under her magnanimous conical straw hat. She has been idolised ever since and the famous trend of straw hats set its foot after that. On the other hand, the bowler hats are a gift of the Victorian era which were designed with an objective to be wind-resistant and became a craze among the royalty. Bowler hats have found their place in the trademark of Bradford and Bingley, a British bank. It seems that the inseparable connection between bowler hats and England has endured the vagaries of the latest fashion trends through generations to become iconic.

15.The Handcrafted Luxury

When one desires a cosy sleep, nothing is better than the comfort provided by Savoir beds, which are handcrafted and customised to fit every specification. The brand has been devoted to this field since 1905 when they were first commissioned for a hotel in London. Use of curled horsetails also make it fit for temperature control. The time spent to make a bed depends on its variety, which are four in number. The major USP of these beds has been the individual attention provided to each single creation according to the client's needs- even as nutty as getting a bed large enough to fit into a private aircraft. Making few but making the best is their mantra.

16.Ultra Luxe Tourism

Sitting in the waters of the Red Sea, Amala resort offers luxury like none other. From playing exotic sports like reef plunging, falconry and submarine investigations to availing medical wellness in the lap of the sea, the visitors get it all. The artistic habitat offered amidst flowerbeds, craft shops and manors is eco-friendly as it encourages sustainable practices through use of solar energy, waste management, recycling and sustainable farming in order to preserve the coastal environment.

17.Class Apart

Alexandra Llewellyn has created a niche when it comes to luxury games. The essence of board games lies in the fun and light competitive spirit, and by creating backgammon sets and bespoke furniture, the brand focuses on board games not as games per se but also as beautiful objets d’art. One of their best collections include The Zodiac which is inspired by astrology and concept of time and utilises traditional woodworking techniques such as dovetail drawers, marquetry inlay and hand-finishing. Another masterpiece is a board of never-seen-before photographs of Marilyn Monroe.

18.Bespoke Appeal

Yuri & Yuri is an amazing blend of British, Scottish, and Italian urbanity. The look created by the brand with all the buttonholes and prick-stitched edging on pockets and out-seams, seems totally ravishing. The cloth which goes behind creating these designs are from the choicest mills based in the above three countries. Looking for a smart and a semi-formal demeanour? Opt for Savile Row suits, you will not be disappointed.

19.The Trend Of The Basket Bag

When the famous American Actress, Jane Birkin was spotted sporting a star bag with her minimalistic look, who had thought that a tête-à-tête with her would transform a failing businessman into the owner of an international platform famous for its basket bags? Well, the story behind the birth of Jean Lous Dumas' Hermes seems incredible, but inspiring. The trend of sturdy and portable bags was already prevalent. Famous by the name of Birkin bags, it soon became multi-purpose, whether it be as a shopping bag or a bag you would carry to a beach. The hassle-free bag reminds of the grace with which Greek goddesses carried ‘calathus’ or ‘calathos’ often considered symbolic of love, abundance and fertility. No wonder why it gained immense popularity among women who like to sport that girly look with a feminine grace.

20.Indian Craftsmanship

Steve Charles, an unexplored artist, years ago came to India. He does not belong to a country, or to a community. The man belongs to the religion of art, who toils to work only to pay tribute to true craftsmanship. More precisely, the craftsmanship of the Indian artists. While setting in conversation with LA POLO, he told us about his early journey to the country when he originally came to India while he worked with an English artist. Back then, their aim of coming was to make a trophy out of diamonds. That is how, his relation, started with India in general. Steve personally feels that the Indian craftsmen are undervalued. “I have had Indian clients where we had to tell them that it was Made In Italy, which is really crazy.”

21.Aviation Watch

Mark XVIII was created by the British Ministry of Defence as a highly accurate, anti-magnetic instrument designed for astro-navigation. At a time when pilot watches were still trying to make their way into the Swiss watch industry, they were abundantly used by the Royal Air Force navigators. Its manufacturer IWC has been realising new models as a tribute where each model had a common thing. Mark XVIII, however, has an exquisite toned-down date display and a different position on the triangular index. This has been placed perfectly under the minute scale. Another intriguing feature on the dark blue Mark XVIII is the lightly visible stripe fish which can be seen only when one looks at the dial towards a light source at a particular angle. Another release, Mark XVIII, has a perfect strap material and the display ensures legibility under any circumstance. The simplicity makes it versatile. The technical aspect of the Mark XVIII is intricately detailed. It implements the Calibre 30110, which is a modified automatic movement based on an ETA 2892, adjusted to temperature and a power reserve of 42 hours. The crown employs a screw-down mechanism which prevents water from seeping in.

22.Women and Whisky

Contrary to the sexist notions, women have always been a part of the whiskey industry-whether it be as a consumer or as a manufacturer. This is also supported by literary sources. Women are rather choosy about their glass of whiskey and it varies according to the occasion and mood. In 2016, when Diageo launched its biggest global campaign #LoveScotch, the company involved Frieda Pinto and Mandira Bedi, both of whom admitted their love for scotch. The Macallan Quest is deemed a top pick for shy women who are keen to learn about whisky, but not quite sure where to start. The single malt bursting with vanilla and delicate light citrus and oak spices, it is very fresh and easy on the palate. A mystifying woman is likely to have a rather unknown kind, aptly fulfilled by The Macallan Rare Cask Black. The limited release single malt rare liquid is distinctively peated in less than 100 rare casks containing a hint of fruits and dry spices. For a womens' glam night, Single Malt Scotch Whisky is an incredibly versatile and playful spirit, which can be sipped neat, on the rocks or even in a classic cocktail. This cocktail is light, refreshing and stylish. For an ambitious woman, The Macallan Terra serves as a multifaceted whisky portraying incredible depth and complexity.

23.Roaring Lamborghini

Lamborghini aficionados look up to the brand as aspirational. The brand stood true to their expectations by launching Huracán EVO, the most successful V10 in Lamborghini history. The speed specifications are impressive-the car accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and from 0-200 km/h in 9.0 seconds. Braking from 100 km/h to 0 is achieved in just 31.9 m, with a top speed of more than 325 km/h. The on-board experience becomes enjoyable with a cutting-edge touchscreen system, making controlling of car and entertainment functions possible with fingertips. Moreover, the exclusive interior finishes, stemming from authentic Italian design, are made with the finest-quality materials, making it a hot pick.

24.A Story Within A Rug


Jaipur Rugs cultivate handmade carpets out of 600 villages in the country. Walking through, he brought us closer to the “Manchaha Collection”, wherein, the “artists have the freedom to design whatever they want”. In an one to one conversation with LA POLO, Yogesh Chaudhary sang to us the fable of the awarded “Antar Rug” that “was made by three artists.” Taking us closer to the rug, he elaborated, “if you see at the bottom of the rug, there are almost three different design panels. The artists started to make their own designs and they were not really talking to each other and if you once start going upwards, you see that two of them started to coordinate, as it is displayed in the design. Now, during this time, Diwali came but the third one was sick, so the other two guys decided to go to him. As it was Diwali, they took sweets while they went to see him. They had sweets together and that’s how they became friends. Thereafter, they all three started to coordinate. Thus, its name ~ Antar Rug, that is essentially like there differences kind of came together because of this rug weaving. Not just this, but this rug has been a very popular one, so much that it has been awarded at many places.”

25.The History of Fedora Hats

The century-old trend of Fedora hats has never, for once, blacked out until the 1950s till its revival in the 1970s. The couture kindled after the protagonist of a play of the same name wore this centre-creased soft brimmed hat. Since it was donned by a woman, it became a constant fashion statement for women and even a symbol for the women rights movement. After Prince Edward of Britain wore it, its use to protect from sun and wind was discovered, which justifies its use in outdoor sports like Horse Races and Polo. From its waning till its revival, they came to be used by gangsters, global cinema, and even in convertible cars and public transports. Another appealing thing about the Fedora Hats was that they could be folded without losing the original shape. It has been carried by Hollywood and television actors as well-Michael Jackson, Brittany Spears and the fictional character from the famous show Peaky Blinders.

26.Regal Flair

Stylist Raghvendra Rathore is the reason behind highlighting Jodhpur’s sartorial kinship with international couture. He has a major role to play in revamping the buried fashion of jodhpuri bandhgala. The Jodhpur breeches and bandhgala are an undeniable part of the equestrian world. The ankle-length breeches are a kin of English breeches, flared above the knee and having a reinforced fabric protecting the inner leg from rubbing against the horse’s side and stirrup leathers. They provide that macho look to young men on the ground. The versatility of the garments enable them to be worn in formal, semi-formal and casual events; they will rock them all . The sport of polo has aced the role of an agent in carrying the legacy of Jodhpuri culture to the international circuit. Since London was already Europe’s leading fashion centre and English style set the fashion norm, the new breeches which reached their shores with polo teams from Jodhpur and other Indian princely states, were an instant hit on and off the field.

27.The First Waterproof Watch

Rolex is an eminent name in the watch industry; and it has set up another level of excellence by the release of Rolex Oyster in 1926. Claimed to be the first waterproof and dustproof watch, the watch featured a hermetically sealed case which provided optimal protection for the movement. It is a self-winding movement that has the capacity to rotate 360 degrees adjusting to the natural movement of the wearer’s wrist. Its half-moon shaped oscillating weight. This movement is the basics of every modern automatic watch today. To ensure watertight security, the watches are installed with a Twinlock or a Triplock winding crown which is screwed into the case. Then, all the cases are made to undergo testing under numerous extreme conditions like underwater testing, mountaineering, extremities of daily wear, travelling through different time zones, aviation, motor racing and more.

28.The Right Combination


The mild Macanudo and the sweet and smooth Clyde May’s Bourbon make an awesome pair. You may also want to try Macanudo with wheaters such as the Waller 12 year, Antique, etc as these don’t have the hot and spicy taste of rye and will be on equal grounds with the cigar when it comes to taste.

29.Once The Most Expensive Car

Hailed as the most expensive car of the present times, Bugatti La Voiture Noire is the fruitful result of 110 years of expertise of its brand-Bugatti. The iconic Type 57SC Atlantic has been sold for a whopping US$18.9 million. The car scores full points in both quality and performance. The Bugatti La Voiture Noire too was inspired by the original design as well as performance and made its debut during the Geneva Motor Show 2019.


Pantherella has not forgotten its roots and its prime purpose. The brand started to serve the whole of England with premium stuff of perfect socks since its initial days, and while other companies have started to use a cheaper quality, Pantherella stays loyal to its ethics and believes in serving the best. This family-owned factory works on ‘Provenance, Design & Quality’ to create discert socks for the gentleman.

31.The Undying Love for Coffee

Avid coffee drinkers must try Indonesian coffee at least once; there's no going back after that. The following are the best coffee found in Indonesia-

1. Gayo Coffee is one of the most distinctive tasting coffees with a mild bitter flavor

2. Kintamani Coffee is different from other Indonesian Arabica coffees owing to its mild flavor, normal acidity, and fruity kick.

3. Toraja Coffee is a multi-dimensional coffee and is characterized by the undercurrents of ripe fruit and dark chocolate. Perfect for someone who is not a fan of the acidity of beans.

4. Bajawa Coffee has a distinctive fragrance designated by the rich scent of flora, chocolate, earthiness and moistened tobacco.

5. Kopi Luwak happens to be the world’s most expensive coffee. What makes it so expensive? It is excreta. Authentic Indonesian kopi luwak is obtained from the droppings of a wild animal similar to a cat-like animal called the Luwak. This animal consumes only the finest ready coffee cherries which it cannot digest and thus they come out intact. The beans are then gathered, cleansed and fermented. Its low acid levels make it ideal for people suffering from stomach ulcers or any other digestive difficulties.

32.Polo and Coco Chanel

The patron of La Maison de Chanel, Mademoiselle (Miss) Coco Chanel achieved an incredible legacy. All this began when she met her first muse and a polo player-Étienne Balsan at a cafe where she used to sing to make ends meet. Started riding horses through the forests, playing polo during the day and attending posh parties dressed sophistically and comfortably was her order of the day. Her hats adorned with ribbons and hatpins soon became a hit after they were donned by Balsan's first mistress. Since Chanel inclined towards making norm-defying clothes for ladies to feel relaxed during intense sports without the possibility of getting strayed in their skirts, she started designing and dressing women that came in her atelier in similar polo outfit that she saw Balsan and other men wear. Her lover and a British businessman, Arthur Capel, used to take her on the shore of Normandy where the most affluent people played Polo during the month of August. Miss Coco displayed her first-ever line of beachwear there that extended a comfortable contour, which also furthered her established fame. Thus her love for horses and Polo left a significantly influential mark on her career and traces of them can be spotted throughout.

33.Yogakarta Diaries

A trip to Indonesia is incomplete without experiencing Yogyakarta. Modern-day Yogya is an immense urban center comprising malls, convenience-food chains, and transportation. The first thing advised to do is chasing the rising sun at the Borobudur temple, the largest Buddhist monument complex saunter. Prambanan village should be the ideal place to watch the setting sun, where the Trimurti of Hindu religion are placed. Next on the itinerary should be the Merapi Lava Tour to endure the sight of Indonesia's most volatile volcano and a great spot for adventure seekers at a high altitude. The Jogja Batik Course is the handicraft hub there. One can devour traditional Indonesian cuisines at Bu Ageng, Omar Duwur Restaurant, and Gadri Resto. Hit up Tempo del Gelato for Italian ice-creams. And for Pub food head over to Oxen free is a famous drinking point in an aged colonial building. Nightlife in Yogyakarta is no less; Agenda is a rooftop bar with downtown stylish furnishings and a great wine and cocktail list with rocking DJs evenings. Sakapatat Social House is a modern Belgian-owned gastro lounge which serves Belgian fries, delicious burgers and Philadelphia style steak sandwiches on in-house made bread.

34.Beyond The Pier

Situated at a joint between Pacific and western Los Angeles, Santa Monica is a picturesque, iconic resort town which adopts a popular culture with movies, art, theatre with a favourable climate. Santa Monica accommodates a collection of 41 luxury, boutique and chain hotels which provide facilities ranging from coastal-themed suite experience to sneaky Hollywood-like experience. Surfing and paddleboarding are activities to look out for and indulge in along with an oceanfront walk. Santa Monica is also known for its creative fooding culture developed with groundbreaking experiments and delectable designs for the taste buds. For wine lovers out there who also wish to satiate their love for polo, The French Champagne House hosts an exuberant event every June at the Los Angeles’ Liberty State Park and at the Will Rogers State Historic Park, the only surviving polo field out of 25. This event attracts a glittering audience of celebrities with champagne as tradition. Award-winning Californian wines from the backyard region of the Santa Monica Mountains is another experience altogether for the adventurous wine-tasters. Shopper’s Paradise Santa Monica Place brings together an amalgamation of diversity and culture along with a luxury shopping treatment with upto 70 premium outlets. Additionally, Santa Monica is home to over 130 art murals and 150 notable sculptures at leading museums and galleries. Fitnessoholics also have a lot of reasons to visit this place as beachside yoga and group activities and luxurious spa treatments provide a holistic rejuvenation. The local spot is anchored by the best farmers in the country and the sight of celebrity chefs shopping for organic ingredients is not uncommon.



The brand is known for ruling the industry with its bespoke products range, which precisely belong to the ties. These ties are a must-have product for all the gentlemen out there, for they are made finely with pure silk, cashmere and wool blend. Specially designed in England , this brand has got the right way to tie a tie since 1885.

36.For The Mysterious Man

Shy, Secretive and Selective, is this your definition? If yes, then you just can’t match with the crowd. Thus, you need something that’s simple yet out-of-the-box. Talisman Cufflinks from De Beers Sa is the perfect partner for thy simply classy sleeves. Unique and refined, the masculine design cufflinks are diamond infused 14mm bold framed pieces of art. The finest quality white gold and poincon detailing symbolizes timeless triumph.

37.Totems Over Time


The Klove Studio can easily grab the eyes of everyone due to its classic black design hovered by some magical music of the myths guided in the fresh odour of power, where every piece was hand crafted. Not just this, but every piece was brought to life with the breath of the artist himself. Giving a tour of this breathing art, Prateek Jain told LA POLO, “The collection inspiration is the Shamanic symbols of healing, abundance, beauty and vision. These are the ones that have come to us in our imagination and our entire collection is about how symbols that come to us in our imagination or become a part of our memory at some point of time start to fade away but you remember certain aspects of it, those aspects are the things we start to adorn as jewelry, as ornaments.” Pointing at the enlarged pieces of jewelry displayed on the walls of the studio, Prateek Jain continued, “The walls that you see here have necklaces which are sort of ornaments that people start to adorn and in the middle are the four totems that signify for us, Abundance, Beauty, Protection, and Vision.”

38.A Perfume That Saved The Aftermath Of WWII

Nina Ricci’s L’air Du Temps stepped into the world for the first time in the year 1948, where it was known as “the spirit of the time”. The concept of Nina Ricci’s L’air Du Temps accurately fixed itself with the drastically breaking situation of the world. She had sensed how the world of war played with the fragrance that was only hard or dense. They imitated the days of World War II. They reflected on the loss of war. The house of Nina Ricci had gulped in that what the world right now required was former femininity. A sense of romance was the call of the time. The striking need was of light, hope, and happiness that would bounce back people with smile and freedom, unlike the fragrance of the World War II that reflected harshness and dismay

39.Suit It Up!

The tale of one of the world’s most expensive suits brands Dormeuil began back in 1842. Back then, Jules Dormeuil started to import in France the English clothes into France. Today, almost 177 years down the line of Dormeuil’s inauguration, the brand is a home to over 3000 types of clothing with an essential amount of variations. Dormeuil, all these years has stood for its rare fabrics and fashionable divisions and LA POLO brings to you one such masterpiece. We introduce to you one of the most expensive suits ever made, the Dormeuil Vanquish II.

40.The Patiala Necklace

Somewhere around the year 1888, soon after the foundation of the De Beers Consolidated Mines was laid in March 1888, the Mine of the De Beers came across a huge light yellow octahedral stone. For years, this stone grabbed the attention of jewel-makers, artisans and the royal families. So much so that the Maharaja of Patiala bought the De Beers from Paris. But, years later, soon after the abolition of the British Raj, the Patiala necklace suddenly went missing with no traces to be found again. What happened to the necklace and the incredibly huge yellow octahedral stone still remains unknown.

41.The Vintage Love


The aim behind manufacturing Rolls Royce 20 H.P. 1929 was in a way Rolls Royce providing an answer to those people who wondered if Rolls Royce can meet smaller requests in a lesser expensive car. The Rolls Royce 20 H.P. 1929 was without any second thought the first car that left the Edwardian age legacy behind in order to bring innovation and change. This car was efficient in so many more ways than just its price. With its effective engine and cylinders there remained no need to overthink in days of rain and wind. The Rolls Royce 20 H.P. 1929 was however compared a lot many times to the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 1914. The Rolls Royce 20 H.P. 1929 was manufactured a foot shorter as compared to the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 1914. The inclusion of the single ignition increased the compatibility of the now vintage car while saving the money of the company. The Rolls Royce 20 H.P. 1929 was introduced at a price of £1,100 while Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 1914 was launched at a price of £1,850. The two vintage cars by Royce also had a lot in common. Per say, the parallel glider frame, full floating rear axle and the tubular cross-members. The one thing that remained really special for this first of its kind Rolls Royce was that HRH The Prince of Wales in 1923 ordered the Rolls Royce 20 H.P

42.Tasting Whisky


Whiskey cannot be tasted (consumed) like any other fruit juice because whiskey is served in very small quantities. The first rule in whiskey tasting is to go slow and be mindful – being present at that moment. All that you must be able to sense is the glass in your hand and the whiskey it contains. You may relish its sweet alcoholic aroma by swirling it around and sniffing it. You can continue this as long as you wish. Experts spend a good fifteen minutes this way even before bringing the glass to their lips. Then, you can slowly take in the first sip. Don’t be in a hurry to swallow it. Spread the drink everywhere on your tongue and experience the taste of the drink in its entirety.

43.Tasting Cigar


The first thing that you can do is to hold the cigar in your mouth without lighting it. This will help you get the flavours of the cigar – whether it is sweet or bitter (both of these tastes indicate that it is a good cigar). If there is any acidity or salinity, consider changing the brand or the cigar because that shows that it was made of lower quality tobacco. You will eventually discover your own tastes for smoking cigars when you start trying various types of brands. Just remember that while trying anything, be very slow and mindful. This helps to maximize the tasting experience.

44.The Art Of Shoemaking


Refining the culture of Italy since 1975, Santoni has marked itself as a symbol of perfection in the world of shoes.Started by Andrea Santoni, the legacy of excellence has been passed on to his son Giuseppe Santoni. With a respect for tradition and duty towards the environment, Santoni manufactures its footwear with utmost sensitivity and top natural materials in an eco-friendly factory. The luxury brand of Italy works on the principle of maintaining a distinctive identity for each of its shoes which ultimately adds on to the unique personality of its wearer. Santoni provides its elite customers not just a collection but a service infused with exigent designs, craftsmanship and lush tradition.

45.The Cufflink Affair


For a man who lives in traditions and legacy and is a synonym of vintage class, the perfect cufflinks must be something that is a piece surpassing time. House of Faberge crafted men’s accessories range is history re-defined. With a collection of fine quality gemstones and materials, the company curated an elegant representation of masculinity in the form of its - Visionnaire Diamond Rose Gold Cufflinks. Beautifully engraved, the cufflink has 2 round-shaped quality white diamonds of 0.63 carats studded in it.

46.Fusion Jewelry

Maddalena Bearzi born in an italian artistic family, since childhood had curiosity and fascination with knowing animals and other wild creatures. Her wildest dream was to travel the world and uncover the secrets of ocean life. She traveled around the world conducting field research and methods of conservation of dolphins, whales and other aquatic life. Her profound respect for wilderness and irresistible temptation towards nature, interest in her expressing the natural material in a different way, passion for environment-friendly materials, inquisitiveness to different cultures, different mechanisms of ocean life and dedication towards her dreams paved her way out to Maddalena Bearzi Organic and One-of-a-kind to become eminent and legendary jewellery brand all over the world.

47.The Cowboy Hat

John Batterson Stetson introduced the Stetson Cowboy hat, called Boss of the Plains, in the mid-1800s. It was a toned down version of the hats worn by the Mexican Vaqueros and it would cost around $15, which was about two weeks’ ages. The hats worn by southern cowboys had wide brims while those worn by northern cowboys had a much narrower brim because of the wind. To the cowboy the hat was a piece of equipment, and he wanted it simple in design. It was usually made from fur felt with a braided horsehair or leather string used to hold it on his head when riding fast. The space between the top of the cowboy’s head and the crown of the hat created an air pocket that kept the cowboy’s head warm in winter. The Cowboy hats were made even more popular by Harrison Ford in his iconic movie series, ‘Indiana Jones’.

48.The Polka Dots Obsession

Polka dots is a classic fashion trend that will stay on top always. Associated with this dot design are some famous dresses and attires that still hold the heart of every fashion lover. When it comes to fashion, Marilyn Monroe is still considered an icon. Her famous Polka dot dress which we wore in the movie ‘The Seven Year Itch’ is still every girl’s favorite. Another iconic apparel is the white polka dot gown which was seen on 19’s beauty icon, Audrey Hepburn in the movie ‘Funny Faces’. However,the love for polka is not just in the glamour world, the very epitome of elegance, Princess Diana also had polka print at the top of her list.

49.Ocean’s 8 Robbery and the Indian Maharaja


The ground of the movie is set on the big robbery that takes place in the Met Gala. The sparkly blue-white diamonds that would tempt any woman's heart, fired the plot of the movie in a similar frame. But what is it with the jaw- dropping Toussaint necklace that it grabs the entire show. Cartier, the creator of the piece himself reveals the story behind it. The necklace around which the movie is elaborated, originally belongs to the Maharaja of Nawanagar, which was designed by Jacques Cartier in 1931. The piece featured excellence with a 136.25 carat blue-white diamond or the Queen of Holland diamond. Unfortunately, the necklace went missing when the Maharaja of Nawanagar was exiled. It was only due to the available sketches and photographs preserved till date in Cartier’s archives that lead in the creation of the replica of the piece for the cinematic usage. Although the structure of the original piece still lays on display at the National Gallery of Australia.

50.The Quality Shirt


The shirt that is designed only for you would be like owning a distinct piece of art and creation that involves all the hardship to create out of art a product customized for what would only come on your body. Anna Matuozzo does the same for every gentleman who steps into their world. They take a complete cycle of 21-days to give you the cloth designed only for you.