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6 Reasons Fashion Must Become More Sustainable

Making fashion more sustainable for you and your planet

When it comes to fashion, we have more choices than ever before. However, we are also becoming increasingly aware of the impact fast fashion is having on our planet and the people and animals involved in the manufacture of textiles. There are a number of reasons as to why fashion needs to change. In this post, we look at six key reasons as to why fashion must become more sustainable.

1. The chemicals used in textile production can be harmful to animals, the environment and even human health

You may never have even thought about it, but how aware are you of what it takes to make the bright colours of your clothes stand out? There are a number of hazardous chemicals routinely used in clothing production.

These chemicals are polluting our seas, and may even have a harmful effect on human health, particularly those who work in clothing manufacture. It is essential that we educate ourselves on the consequences of using such chemicals, and that brands find alternatives to those which harm the environment. Paying more attention can not only benefit the environment but your long term health too.

2. The packaging produced by fashion brands can have a huge impact on the environment

There has been a huge shift in what consumers think about product and packaging waste, and as a result, brands are stepping up to take action. Bonds, for example,aim to divert 100% of their waste away from landfill by 2020.

3. Too much of our clothing goes to landfill
The level of waste produced in the fashion industry cannot continue, and more brands must commit to reducing the impact of both their operation and packaging options. Can it be recycled? Is it biodegradable? Could the products be packaged ‘naked’? These are all questions brands should be asking.

4. Shipping is a massive contributor to climate change
Did you know that air shipping is one of the biggest contributors to the climate change crisis? When it comes to fashion, brands producing high-quality, well-made goods will thrive as consumers look for clothes they will wear again and again rather than buying new.

5. There is a massive human cost to the clothes we wear
Fair wages, working conditions and quality of life are at the bottom of the agenda for many large fashion brands using factories overseas to produce their goods. We are often not as educated about as we could be about the ethics and supply chain of the brands we choose. A good example is natural mica (used in dye or often cosmetics) which is often the product of child labour. Companies struggle to trace where mica comes from and often are unknowingly complicit.

6. Consumers are demanding change
One of the main drivers of sustainable fashion will, of course, be consumers. Consumer choices have a huge influence on the choices and products brands make. Without their customers, the fashion industry wouldn’t survive and so it is essential that they listen to what customers want.