The Fragrance Of Atkinsons Perfumes

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Brewing Over The Fragrance Of Atkinsons Perfumes | Atkinsons 1799

Setting in with the magical fragrance of Atkinsons perfumes featuring the Atkinsons 1799

Scentscaping, a power people wanted to harness in their hands too much; and for the current taste of the world, they specifically want to hold down to it on a personalised level, the power of holding a fragrance just for themselves because that’s exactly what we wish to do, silently close down ourselves in the memories of all and none, hence making it all the more a magnificently captivating way to silently touch the heart of every person who walks in our life and remember the idea of fragrance forever.

Follow your nose, it can take you to places, the ones you can never forget. It brings down the elements of pure ecstasy and deeply woven memories you never wish to forget. That A fragrance is not just a fragrance, it’s you, clasped in the hands of time and mellowed on the flavours of celebration, love and joy.

This Proust phenomenon of life, where Marcel Proust in the book In Search of Lost Time had the flavour of his childhood in the wafting mist of madeleine biscuit dipped in the Lindon Tea, he never thought about the anecdote he is giving life to through the expressions of his odour-evoked memory.

That’s what you need to bring in about, the fragrances of your moments, boxed in the caves of your nerves, because you never know when you need to relive it all again.

That’s exactly what we seek through with the magicians of fragrance, Atkinsons.

With the brewing cup of achievements since 1799, the world of Atkinsons has grown to be 200 years old and there’s an undeniable stance of love which stays empowered in their stated arena of fragrance. Drawing on 200 years of English eccentricity, style and impeccable manners, Atkinsons is now ushering in a new century of perfume snobbery and celebrating it, you can buy the perfume that is exclusively available at Scentido.

As said right, true style can never go out of fashion, and you simply can’t keep a bear down hence, believing in the symbol of their fragrance bears, here’s a deeper insight of their beautifully scented world of today.

The Fragrance Of Atkinsons Perfumes

LA POLO: What charms does one feel in the secret element which captures people in the olfactory world of Atkinsons?

Atkinsons 1799 is one of the few brands with an incredible past, a rich story, its share of historically elite customers as well as contemporary clients from the most acknowledged bases in the world. The Atkinsons signature is still guaranteed in the ambition to do always the best in all that we offer: the best qualitative fragrances, premium packaging, limited editions and creations which can capture the uniqueness of one of the most fragrance historical brand in the world. We are working with the best noses in the world and all of our fragrances are created from their best inspirations with no boundaries, with the only goal to propose to our customers something never experienced before.

LA POLO: With the growing era of personalisation, how do you look at the market of bespoke scenting?

We already started this year with a new important launch as the Mystic essence oils. Our oil fragrances are created to be layered not only oils with oils but also oils with fragrances and the result is something absolutely unique/customized. For some of our established clients, we have also studied, built and created bespoken projects to better meet local markets and client preferences. Since from 1799, Atkinsons is born as a one to one fragrance consultant: as a “personal fragrance stylist” of the British Era.

The Fragrance Of Atkinsons Perfumes
The Fragrance Of Atkinsons Perfumes

LA POLO: What is your favourite olfactory memory? Do you believe people capture fragrance much more than faces?

The olfactive memory is the most ancestral and unaware kind of emotion. It’s even more charming than a traditional face to face memory. We remember about a scent when it was a solid and distinguishing moment: where there is an olfactive memory, there was an important step in our lives and most of the time, of our childhood. There’s nothing comparable and most private sensorial experience as an olfactory memory.

LA POLO: With the two centuries lived by, what can be an expected twist to the Atkinsons world?

Atkinsons signature was modern already in 1799 and will continue to be an avant-guard brand (see our bear!). All our scents have a British twist and a dandy/eccentric elegance. Our 2020 new launches in all our main collections will capture our loyal clients with a new interpretation of cologne and some new unexpected fragrances. We are sure to continuously attract the follower of the bear as well as new customers worldwide!