The pursuit of Mexico sets the soul on speed of polo and patience of yoga in the oasis of ‘Polo & Yoga Adventures’ at Costa Careyes, Mexico.

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Adventures of Polo and Yoga

The pursuit of Mexico sets the soul on speed of polo and patience of yoga in the oasis of ‘Polo & Yoga Adventures’ at Costa Careyes, Mexico.

Adventure, Treat and Meditation; the ‘Polo & Yoga Adventures’ acts as not just an escape for vacation but a full room of adventure. There remains no corner for doubt as to why people from round the world are attracted to Costa Careyes, Mexico; while others give a world for playing Polo, this place offers a piece of paradise.
The day at Costa Careyes starts off with a quick bound with yoga, to follow up the belief that yoga enhances the skills of Polo, which later in the noon results in mounting up for four chukkers practicing for the bigger trophies in vision. With the end of Polo session, is the beginning of evening roundabouts, coming as an open stretch for people to enjoy their drinks with a celebration of long lost Polo tales topped of victory and learning.
What is most exciting about ‘Polo & Yoga Adventures’ is the fact that this place gives out a flexible gate to adventures and sports. It is not just Polo but surfing, tennis, mountain biking, paddle boarding and if none of that, than just a relaxing space at the beach with a chance to pamper the self at the extensive spa. Multiplying the amount of activities, the local Careyes foundation proposes a group of impactful programs to be followed up by the interested gentry. Clearly, this escape from monotony is expanding horizon to break the limits of patterned lifestyle. It is a perfect place to design the adventure one is looking for.

1.Polo at Costa Careyes Polo Club

Regioned three miles south from the Costa Careyes Resort, this club was inaugurated in 1990 to thrust the game of Polo. The club that has been a host for Federation of Polo (FIP) playoffs, owns two regulations Bermuda grass fields and 60 playing ponies. The club gained international recognising after hosting the famous Agua Alta Tournament in 2000.
The club is a good catch to get hold on the tricks of Polo with an offer to play four times a week, mostly on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The Mexican Polo Association affiliated club provides with horses, equipments and tack for a worthy experience to learning and enhancing.
Upgrading the love for Polo, the club comes out with a online store which is a go-to shop link for all sorts of polo equipments.
The influential part of the entire vacation comes here, for the club does not let the visitor settle their love for polo to just the club, instead they come up as a helping hand in finding Polo clubs to a place near their homes, so as to push the practicing hands to polished ones.

Polo and  Yoga Adventure
2.The Yoga Stretches

The day begins with the morning stretches enhancing the postures for a polo player. The routine incorporates Six Yogic Building Blocks for Polo players, inclusive of - breath, core, twist, flexibility, strength and focus that works to excel the Polo experience. The ashana are such that they can be taken back home after the vacation and added to the daily routine to upgrade the skill of polo and also otherwise. After yoga, it is call for Polo in the noon, which is followed by a field side stretch to stimulating the body by cooling it down to prepare it for the next days’ session. Wrapping the session with ‘shivasana’, the dusk encounters a circling of events with served juices and cocktails, witnessing blooming friendships and team spirits.

Polo and  Yoga Adventure