Both the teams displayed a strong performance | Image Credits: Grand champions

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Recapping The All-Women Sunny Hale Memorial Tournaments February Edition

14th March | Wellington, Florida

The one of a kind tournament’s Wednesday finale maintained a high pace despite unfavorable conditions.

In an engaging final that could have been marred by unfavorable playing conditions, both teams delivered a fine polo spectacle on a rainy Wednesday evening.

San Saba (Misty Allen, 0, Alina Carta, 4, Mia Cambiaso, 6, Clarissa Echezarreta, 5) defeated CrossFit El Cid (Malicia Von Falkenhausen, 2, Slaney O'Hanlon, 4, Jennifer Williams, 3, Cecelia Cochran, 5), 4-1.5, to win the tournament.

Alina Carta commented in a post-match presser "This was the first time the four of us played together. It was fun to have both Mia Cambiaso and Mia Astrada play. It raised our level of play. They are both quick. It's great that they can play with us and that they are here. It was a great way to end the February league.

"The quality of play is fantastic," Carta added. "We are getting the opportunity to play on a consistent basis, serious but for fun. We enjoy ourselves and the camaraderie."

The daughter of the great Adolfo Cambiaso, Mia Cambiaso, who has already reached the elite handicap of 6 at just an age of 16, was awarded the MVP, a staggering establishment considering the bunch of talented women amongst whom she was competing.

Sunny Hale Memorial Tournament’s
Sunny Hale Memorial Tournament’s  

The Women’s Weekly League, initiated by USPA’s Polo School, is a weekly fixture of the US Winter season and commemorates the legendary Polo player Sunny Hale who brokered the male dominance of the sport by becoming the first women to compete in a 26-goal tournament. Unfortunately, the world lost her to cancer at the age of 48 on 26th February 2017.

"We all played with Sunny and against Sunny," Alina Carta said. "The first time I played against Sunny was in California. She was 18, a great player and [a] very good friend. There are many funny stories with Sunny. She was amazing. We will remember her always."

Sunny Hale Memorial Tournament’s