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Argentina Tour Of India Continues As India Won The Second Match Of The Three-Match Test Series.

5th January 2019 | New Delhi

Incredible win by the home team as star player Dhruvpal Godara scores 7 goals against Argentina.

The day begins with the smell of rich soil prevailing with the breeze winds and sun spectates with its shiny glow over the ground. Players and their horses checking their bonds with each other and people screening towards the sidelines to check whether they are comfortable at sitting on their favourite spot. Grass witty and watery, leaving a beautiful mark for players to come as jockeys and search their gateway towards the victory. The match between world-beating Argentinians goes head to head with La Pegasus India team held at Jaipur Polo Ground in the national capital on Sunday.

Here is the match squad for both the team as follows-

Argentina Squad India Squad
Eduardo Novillo Astrada Col Ravi Rathore
Joaquin Pittaluga Simran Singh Shergil
Ignacio Arbelbide Dhruvpal Godara
Cruz Astrada Siddhant Sharma

The world-beating Argentinians, led by their captain and Argentine Polo association President Eduardo Estrada, had won the first Test match in Jodhpur last week 13-10. This sets it up for the third and final Test to be held at the Jaipur Polo Ground in New Delhi again on January 12, 2019. The Indian Team looking to tie the match and are very confident about it.

The entrusting match between the Argentina Team and Indian Team under way with the Argentinian All Stars were a 22-goal team compared to India’s 20-goal team, the game began with the Indians getting a two-goal advantage in their favour in the beginning of the chukker handicap. The First three chukker were very tough and tight as both the teams looking responsible for their defence. Be that as it may, the Indians never let up from the beginning thanks to Dhruv’s awesome display, going into half time at the end of three of six seven-minute ‘chukkers’ with a 4-2 lead. Dhruvpal Godara always adore the magical passion for the sports and the man always shows on the big platform. The three chukker is all about Indian team answering the unbeatable team that where does the polo passion entrust within the world.

As the further chukker proceeds in the Argentina tour of India exhibition match, Dhruv then scored five more in the remaining three ‘chukkers’ while the Argentinians could only manage six more, despite fast catching up towards the end of play. Dhruv in fact could have made it eight for himself on the day, missing out on a sitter towards the end of the last chukkers. But fancy or what, Dhruvpal Godara is top class player and Watching his play, Argentinian crowd spectates with applauding the beautiful and passionate player. Jaipur lad Dhruvpal Godara, scored all seven goals for his La Pegasus India team as the hosts beat an Argentinian All Star Team 9-7 to tie the three Test match Polo series 1-1 at the Jaipur Polo Ground in the national capital on Sunday.

Congratulation to Indian Team for an amazing victory and What a performance by Dhruvpal Godara.

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