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Ashwa Poojan : The Royal Festival Of Worshipping The Horse

22nd October 2018 | India

Horses are considered as the loyal companions of King and his army.

A horse has very important religious significance in the Hindu traditions. A horse is considered a symbol of loyalty, self-respect and power. The royal family has a long history with horses. A horse is a loyal companion of King and his army. Ashwa Poojan acts as a medium to show our gratitude and honour towards the Noble breed of horses. Shastra is also worshipped on the day. A horse is a 'shastra’ for a polo player. So along with the royal families, the Polo players also worship horse on this day.

As a part of Living Heritage, the celebration of Ashwa Poojan is a testimony to the traditional reverential acknowledgement of the empathy between a Rajput and his Horse. Continued since the ancient time, practised and followed till this day, Ashwa Poojan is something every member of the royal family takes seriously. Ashwa Poojan is the grand finale to the auspicious Navratri festivities.

The celebration is nothing short of a mini wedding. The ceremony is no more than an hour. This year Indian Polo players celebrated Ashwa Poojan in Delhi on the Dussehra day. Ashwa Poojan takes place on a large scale in Udaipur. The City Palace is cordoned off from the public, and the entire palace façade is decorated with flowers and drapes. First, the royal guards march in and take the position. The horses are led by their escorts. Only five horses are represented at this event. The House of Mewar salutes this legendary association by perpetuating the tradition of worshipping the horse, attempts to preserve the intangible cultural heritage of Eternal Mewar.