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An Audi For Every Kid

Mingling the power of Audi with childhood dreams

As a child, we could all flip back to the pages of memory, where we sat on the driving seat of our dad’s car imitating him and the sharp turns that any racer would take.

It’s not like everyday when you see an automobile brand that’s absorbed in speed, mechanism and manliness to step out it’s comfortable clothes and portray an emotional side. Well, Audi did it with its ‘Rocking Horse’ product that withholds the idea of childhood memories and vision. They call it “the purest form of a Rocking Horse”, where every child could have his own Audi.

“We tried to find the purest form of a rocking horse and the pure design Audi pursued by referring to Audi’s design guide. We kept removing details of the existing rocking horse and finally the design of rocking horse was completed when only the function part of the rocking horse was left.”

The material that Audi has used is carbon fiber and it is intense as well as light. The material is harmonizing with the world of the children and it is it’s one of the biggest achievement.