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Austraian Polo Open completes 25 years of the Polo Club Schloss in Ebreichsdorf


Rush in the field at the Austrian Polo Open in Ebreichsdorf saw the The Polo Club Schloss celebrate its 25th anniversary with a very steaming game on thepitch in this tournamnent

Rush in the field at the Austrian Polo Open in Ebreichsdorf saw the The Polo Club Schloss celebrate its 25th anniversary with a very steaming game on thepitch in this tournamnent. Austrain Polo Open (8-12) over the period has earned itself great respect and reputation for its activities of supporting various programmes and organising the international events.
The royal sport played in a summer afternoon with high temperatures had not just the players but even the onlookers soaring for the succss with highs and lows, but to add the fun to it there were seen Tango dancers and some very high class Lusitan riders and even the clinclown Clowns made the entire day come out in great spirits as in the parks of the castle in Ebreichsdorf. A parade by the Players was also led by one of the most opulent brand names in the vehicle industry world including ‚Bentley Vinna‘ which gave goosebumps to all the spectatotrs present there.
Even though players Nacho Brunetti and captain Renate Seidler’s great effort and compassion for the game and team, soon for the 5th and 6th place between the teams of Heldwein and Happy Horse, it became quite obvious that the Happy Horse team was taking the lead. The Happy horse team could have managed to take it even higher if they been performed better in the opening round.
The main attention towards the game took place when Glenfarclas and Tilman Kraus were all set to be against each other for all its onlookers and the members of the team included: the polo manager Santiago Marambio, and some very senior players: Robert Kofler and Freddy Rifaat replacing injured player, Koko Kofler; while joining the latter team was Emil Kraus, grandson of the president baron Richard Drasche- Wartinberg. Post the first chukkers, the third revealed the winner. Santiago Marambio, Tete Storni and their best Robert Kofler earned themselves the scores four consecutive times. Inspite of such positive support and cheer from its spectators- Felu Begueri and Augustin Maiquez from the Tilman Kraus team did not manage to come out as the ultimate triumphs.
The Argentino Tango eventually thrilled the guests with their performance which was further followed by the most awaited part of the game. It was time for the the final game of the Austrian Polo Open between the favourites, Bentley Vienna and Power Horse. Another dance performance by Walter Scherb’s and Octavio Olmedo’s superb until the third chukker broke in. Alas, after very strong efforts from both the teams, winners were announced and it turned out to be team Bentley Vienna with a 8:6 victory. The end of game saw Robert Szücs with his team recalling their last year’s victory and as well celebrating their success in the Austrian Polo Open with some great champagne shower for each one. As a humanity cause, charitable donation was made for CliniClowns.
As the closing speech for the entirre event, Dr Piero Dillier was quoted saying, ‘We are grateful for the past 25 years of the unwearied and passionate engagement in Austrian polo. We hope and wish the club, and above all, Baron Richard Drasche-Wartinberg, even more successful tournaments here in this wonderful polo club, which has earned its good name not only in Europe but also beyond its borders’.
Best playing pony: ‘Melon’ with Bautista Bayugar as the rider (owned by Robert Szücs, BENTLEY VIENNA)