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Baroda Cup 2017: Day 1

01 November 2017

The first day of the Baroda Cup featured four matches.

The first day of the Baroda Cup featured four matches. The first match, between Meerut Polo & Rajnigandha Achievers, had Rajnigandha Achievers breezing through the match as they managed to outscore their opponents across the chukkers. The final score for the match totalled to 4.5-11 in favour of Rajnigandha.

The next match had Ascension facing Hyderabad Chaughans. Ascension started the match on the right foot as they gained a lead of 2 goals in the very first chukker. While Hyderabad Chaughans displayed an excellent game, they could not catch up with Ascension, as they secured a 7-4 win.

The match between Sahgal Stud and Garcha Hotels had the audiences gasp. The high intensity match started off with Garcha Hotel dampening their opponents every attempt at scoring for the first two chukkers. Furthermore, during the first two chukkers, Garcha Hotels had managed to gain a two goal lead. Things started looking worse for Sahgal Stud as Gaurav Sahgal took a terrible fall mid chukker two. Though things were looking grim for Sahgal Stud, but as soon as Gaurav Sahgal opted to resume playing, the team played with renewed vigour as they owned the game there on. The final score for the match came up to 8-5 1/2, in favour of the victorious Sahgal Stud.

The final fixture of the day was between Sona Polo and Jindal Panther. The nail biting match had both the teams bringing their ace game on the field as they played neck and neck. After a close game the scores narrowly weighed in favor of Jindal Panther at 7-8.