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A Beginner's Guide To Drinking Whisky

Do you know whisky helps with weight loss ?. While a good fitness regime and healthy diet shouldn’t be traded for one. It actually does help with weight loss. More reasons to start drinking right ?

Mark Twain famously said. “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” And he is not wrong, the famous writer didn’t only know his way around words but spirits as well from the looks of it.

Whisky-like any other alcoholic beverage is fermented. It is made from fermented grains mash such as Barley, Corn, rye and Wheat. And is typically aged in wooden casks usually finished of charred white oak.

To be treated “Scotch,” the whisky must

1) Be made in Scotland (Hate being the captain obvious here but..
2) Be manufactured from malted barley
3) Mature for a minimum of three years; and
4) Have an ABV of less than 94.8 percent, (Bourbon, measure in at just 80 percent ABV).

whiskey , scotch ,best whiskey in the world
As we all know spirits get better with age, but the question arises why are ageing crucial, distilled spirits recall Scotch, brandy, mezcal, preserve more ingrained funk and quality through the distilling process, and generally favor from some ageing. It also depends upon your needs. spirits are aged in some type of wooden cask or barrel, often oak, which accords them with characteristics of tannins and vanillin, among other, and is readily available. Spirits like Bourbon use charred oak, which will alter the structure of the synergy. To further impede—and endow—things, distillers may choose to age or “finish” their spirits in casks or barrels heretofore used to age other spirits, even wine.
whiskey , scotch ,best whiskey in the world ,Chivas Royal Salute
Since we are on the topic of ageing, Chivas Royal Salute created in 1953 to honour the British monarchy, were launched at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II to celebrate that consequential moment. In their portfolio, they have 4 spirits named 21 Year Old which is aged no less than 21 years and was named after the custom of the 21 Gun Salute that is fired at the Tower of London for Royal festivity. 32 Year old which is aged for plus 32 years and praise Union of the Crown, which saw the consolidation of Ireland, Scotland and England under the British Monarchy. 38 Year Old this rare blend is named after the Stone of Destiny, the mythical Coronation stone of the antique Scottish Kings. 62 Gun Old proclaim the classical tradition of the 62 Gun Salute, which is the highest ceremonial honour in British ethic restricted for the most noteworthy Royal occasions.

Beginners Guide To Drinking Scotch

whiskey , Beginners guide to drinking scotch 
 ,best whiskey in the world ,Chivas Royal Salute
whiskey , Beginners guide to drinking scotch 
 ,best whiskey in the world ,Chivas Royal Salute

However there is no right or way of relishing scotch, one should enjoy their scotch the way they please. Here are some tips to get the most out of your experience

1.Vessel matters
Glass in which scotch is served definitely plays a vital role, just like with wine. Opt for a whisky glass or copita nosing glass A stemmed white-wine glass will do as well.

2.Serving of Scotch
Serving of scotch is referred to as “dram” which in precision is 1/8th of a fluid ounce (ugh so much math). If one orders a scotch at a bar they’ll get proximity of an ounce pour, or if one is beloved by their barkeep, maybe close to two.

3. Best part or Tasting the scotch
When scrutinizing scotch for the first time, try to nose [smell] the whisky from a short distance above the glass so as not to excessive alcohol with the aroma. After you’ve been made acquainted to the intricacy of the whisky’s spice, take a modest quaff first to savour the whisky’s most prominent flavours. Then take another sip to release the whisky to reach all the parts of your palate. And shy away from watering it down. No, it won’t make you a lightweight, it can actually enhance the flavour as water will disclose the flavour and also make the intense alcohol more palatable for the neophyte scotch drinker.

Whiskey on the rocks
whiskey , on the rock whiskey ,best whiskey in the world ,Chivas Royal Salute
It is one most commonly ordered drinks in bars across the world, but is adding ice a mistake? You can’t go much wrong with scotch on the rocks – especially if you fancy your whisky in that fashion. It can make the whisky very refreshing on a hot day.

However, constraint from adding more than a cube or two — too much-melted ice portend too much water, which will diminish the Scotch and mask the flavours by shutting down the scent, which accounts for 90 percent of the flavours one detects.