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Billionaire’s Private Escapes

Live like a billionaire, one vacation a year at a time

When it comes to our real-estate portfolio we all wish our’s was gigantic and comprised of all properties that stretch no less than a few acres, which had all the amenities one could ask and want for and we wouldn’t have to step out of our property again for anything. Only if that was the case, a man can dream, can’t he?

Since not all of us can afford the luxury of having such extravagant homes in our portfolio, we can at least look at the houses of some of the elite that happen to have all of those amenities in their homes and maybe get some ideas for our new homes that we might add to our portfolio in the years to come.

“If a man’s home is his castle, a private island is his kingdom” -Tanya Mohan summed it perfectly while describing what owning an Island would feel like. Even though what it’d feel like to own your own island is a feeling most people would never even come close to feeling in their entire life span there occur to be some really filthy rich folks in the world that enjoy their own private retreats.

1.Lanai, Hawaii
Billionaire’s Private escapes

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This property that stretches over 141-square miles and costs $300 million is owned by the renowned billionaire Larry Ellison founder of Oracle. His vision for his “Pineapple Island”(it used to world’s number one supplier of Pineapples) is to convert it into a leading tourist destination and metropolitan place for the local people to reside. Larry’s intention for his multi-million-dollar island involve all things green- from green energy and charging stations for EV vehicles to cultivating and transporting epicure produce and fabricating natural wineries.

This property that stretches over 141-square miles and costs $300 million is owned by the renowned billionaire Larry Ellison founder of Oracle. His vision for his “Pineapple Island”(it used to world’s number one supplier of Pineapples) is to convert it into a leading tourist destination and metropolitan place for the local people to reside. Larry’s intention for his multi-million-dollar island involve all things green- from green energy and charging stations for EV vehicles to cultivating and transporting epicure produce and fabricating natural wineries.

Fancying a trip to this millionaire’s private escape? This island of Hawaii has got something for everyone, are you someone who is a lover of all things fine in life? They got it. Happen to be an avid hiker or a horse-rider? They have something to fill the cup of your cravings as well. Do you pick beaches over the mountains every time? You’re about to step in your paradise. But the one thing they don’t offer is water activities, such a bummer for all the scuba diving enthusiasts… Chill out was just a joke their marine life is full of colors and ready to be explored

Billionaire’s Private escapes
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The Island of Lanai is divided into 3 parts: Central Lanai, North Lanai, and South Lanai. For people who love indulging in luxuries, there’s a world world-class 18 hole golf course in Lanai’s 4 seasons hotel. It’s one of the crown jewels of Jack Nicklaus, 3 holes of which are built inside the seaside cliff, this golf course roams across the whole island, enchanting players with the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

Billionaire’s Private escapes
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Central Lanai is the place you’d be visiting if you’re into hiking or horseriding and are a lover of exploring wilderland and taking in the area which offers lush valleys and ironwood forests for you to gawk over. People who want a perfect blend of vacation and adventure would find Northern Lanai their happy place as this place is full of beaches for you sunbath and relax at, and to quench your thirst of adventure has to offer loads of activities such as visiting Garden of rock, dryland featuring 48 species of native plants, ship-wreck beach all of which require a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Billionaire’s Private escapes
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Last but most certainly not the least Southern Lanai a place where anyone who loves deep sea diving, snorkeling, boating, and any other water related activity should head over to. Also the marine life found in Southern Lanai is very diverse and watching them is pretty interesting as they are colorful and range from yellow butterfly fish that dash between the rocks to compassionate green sea turtles, it’s a cakewalk to find these fascinating locals while snorkeling, scuba diving, or at an aquarium.

2. Moskito Islands, British Virgin Islands

Billionaire’s Private escapes
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Richard Branson the Business Magnate and founder of the Virgin group, which now has over 400 companies under its umbrella is the owner of this 125 acres of idyllic island serenity. He is one of such Billionaires who doesn’t mind sharing and lives by the moto sharing is caring. After acquiring this massive piece of land in 2007 he has now transformed it into a luxury resort which now you can rent out and make some luxurious memories of your own at, “Welcome to your very own private paradise,” Branson wrote, he there referred to the islands relaxing area.

Billionaire’s Private escapes
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At the eastern end of the island, sits the Branson estate which comprises of 3 luxury villas namely: Headland House, Beach Villa, Mangrove Villa which are available to be booked on an exclusive use basis. Each villa comes with 11 bedrooms and the interiors of the houses grant stunning backdrop to be the main attraction.

Billionaire’s Private escapes
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Even though each villa shares the 11 bedrooms and some other things in common, the ambiance and personality of each villa vary on the location of each house in which they are nestled in. Branson Estate is a blend of the Balinese meet Caribbean vernacular, where the perimeters betwixt indoors and outdoors are a blur, and classic designs are polished and revamped.

Billionaire’s Private escapes
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Eastern side of the island is where you'd find the recreation area where your need for spending some quality family time doing things the tennis pavilion, watersports, swimming in, infinity pool while sipping martinis from the bar will be taken care of. For eating gourmet food there are 3 dining pavilions where you can gather together for mouth-watering alfresco meals cooked by talented chef – one of such dining pavilion is on the beachfront, second one near the salt pond and a third on the waterfront, so you can never get enough of the breathtaking views while having your meal on this Caribbean island.

Even though there are a whole lot of activities and adventures to indulge in while being away on this luxury villa holiday, ranging from snorkeling to sailing, kayaking to kite-surfing, or hiking across the 125 acres of paradise taking in all the views virgin British islands have to offer…a little “me-time” and relaxation are a must on a holiday . Since reclining on a swing bed looking out to sea and feeling content with your life isn’t quite enough, a spa treatment is all one needs for unwinding after a long year. So don’t shy away from seeking a spa treatment from the staff of nicker islands who are always up for hopping across the water and massaging away every last stressed nerve in your body.

3. Laucala Island, Fiji

Billionaire’s Private escapes
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A seven-mile private escape turned into a luxurious vacation spot is the Laucala island of Fiji, which is owned by mogul and co-founder of Red-Bull energy drink. Dietrich Mateschitz
Bought this island from Malcolm Forbes in early 2000s. He initially designed this island as his own private escape, and also offered it to celebrities so that they can have some private time escaping the paparazzi, and banned all the PR. Since then this island now has opened its gate to the general public offering unparalleled exclusivity and privacy

Billionaire’s Private escapes
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Life at Laucala doesn’t get more lavish than it already is from 25 glamourous version of traditional Fijian villas each offering unmatched ritzy and solitude. Eleven of Twenty-Five villas are found sitting amidst a coconut grove beside a private beach; Other Four Plateau villas alight on top of Nawi Mountain at the middle of the island, enveloped by rainforest and providing unfathomable views of the sea; the remaining seven Seagrass villas make a strip on a powder-white beach; 3 one of a kind villas are situated as follows, a Peninsula villa snuggles a cliff and crescent-shaped beach; the Overwater villa is situated high above an emerald-green lagoon; and bringing the whole total to 25 this last Hilltop Estate is nestled in island’s one of the highest peaks, compelling views of the Fijian archipelago.

Billionaire’s Private escapes
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Laucala’s aberrations range from unwinding to venturesome. A ton of watersports makes guests acquainted to Fiji’s deep-blue oceans, while the rainforest wandering tours, golf, farm visits, and horse riding are thrilling ways for one to explore the island.

Billionaire’s Private escapes
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An assortment of five restaurants and bars provides everything from barbeques on the beach to fine dining, with plenty of buildings emboldened by nature. Laucala also happens to offers dining by design, which in layman’s terms means customized menus in private dining locations – amidst the jungle, on a hike, in your villa or where ever else you please, if you want it and have the pockets deep enough to pay for it, then you can have it.

If you’re someone who wants to add a new property to their real-estate portfolio, while simultaneously wanting it to be the world’s most expensive house, do we have the place for you?.

Billionaire’s Private escapes  moutain
PC: CNBC .com

“The Mountain of Beverly Hills” is approvedly the most expensive piece of real estate in the whole wide world with a price tag of $1 billion. Yes ONE-BILLION DOLLARS. Yes a whole 10 numbered and 3 comma figure

This mind-boggling price tag is just for the semi-developed land, looking over the City of the Angels. There’s no Mansion sitting on top of this mountain over-looking all the peasant houses... Yet. So along with your hiking gear, you’d have to bring in your draughtsman as well.

This piece of semi-developed land stretches over 157 acres mind you that’s equal to 17 football fields. To put it into an easier perspective it’s more than double the size of Disneyland. Buy this place build a Disneyland on it and you’d still be left with enough space to build a gigantic house with all fountains, gardens and all the other elite people glory. DID we MENTION THE LAND COSTS A BILLION FREAKING DOLLARS? STILL CAN’T GET OVER THIS FACT !!.

Billionaire’s Private escapes  moutain
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Moving on(not really no, a billion dollars) “The Mountain” is said to be the most secure alight in the whole earth, with its enormous fortress-style apex of manicured grass, and gigantic 16-foot-tall, 30-foot-wide personalized security gate. Make this piece of property your new home just for a small sum of a billion dollars today. The nearest property is a kilometer away so this compound could even be paparazzi-proof.

Someone who wants to build their own compound would make a right fit for this piece of land. Buying “The Mountain” is optimal for someone who wants to make an opulence entrance into Los Angeles, given they have a billion dollars at their disposal.