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Bregenzer Festspiele- A Performing Arts Festival

Bregenzer Festspiele is one of those performing arts festivals that has large floating stages. What else is special about the Bregenzer Festspiele? Let’s find out…

Bregenzer Festspiele, a performing arts festival that involves the world's largest floating stages will come live on 17th July 2019 for a month’s long duration where the Bregenzer Festspiele will wrap on 18th August 2019. But before anything else, here is a quick insight of what the Bregenzer Festspiele is about.

The Culture of the Bregenzer Festspiele
The Bregenzer Festspiele is sensed to be the liveliness of the city of Bregenz. In fact it is claimed as one of its kind of a festival if compared around the world. The Bregenzer Festspiele inaugurated in 1946, just a year later of World War II. Since then the Bregenzer Festspiele has been coming up every year with distinguished acts of music, drama and theatrical events. If looked upon closely, the Bregenzer Festspiele could be easily segregated into a major flow of events based on their venues. They can be enlisted as follows:

 the Bregenzer Festspiele
Audience at the Bregenzer Festspiele | Breganzwald

● Seebühne: The Seebühne or the floating stage is an open-air theatre located on the shores of Lake Constance. This open-air theatre could be a room to 7000 people at once. The Seebühne is a venue that gives way to musical as well as opera performances on a large scale. Seebühne always grabs the attention of the audience because of the way it has been presented all these years. Floating stages are a thing in themselves, and Seebühne makes it come alive even more exaggeratedly as the venue uses the waters of the Lake Constance as its extended stage.

 the Bregenzer Festspiele
The Lake Constance during Bregenzer Festspiele | Design Obento

● Festspielhaus: After Seebühne, the second extravagant venue of the list of the Bregenzer Festspiele is the Festspielhaus. This venue stands sharp as it is known to present the rarest of opera and concerts ever performed.

● Werkstattbühne: The Werkstattbühne stands distinct in nature when compared to the previous two of the venues. Where Festspielhaus stands for rare operas and concerts, the Werkstattbühne is known to give way to the contemporary opera and theatre.

● Theater am Kornmarkt: The fourth venue is the Theater am Kornmarkt and it is known to present operetta as well as drama performances.

● shed8/Theater Kosmos: This venue stands for cross-culture and drama performances at the Bregenzer Festspiele.

Bregenzer Festspiele
The Lake Constance in Bregenz | MIRIADNA

Galerie zu den Bregenzer Festspielen
The Bregenzer Festspielen as captured in frames:

 Bregenzer Festspiele event
 Bregenzer Festspiele event
 Bregenzer Festspiele event

 Bregenzer Festspiele event
 Bregenzer Festspiele event
 Bregenzer Festspiele event

DiePresse | Vorarlberg | Vienna| Austria Forum | HBLA | Imgur

The city of Bregenz and the Bregenzer Festspiele

The city of Bregenz is hard to be imagined without its festivals and especially the Bregenzer Festspiele. The Bregenzer Festspiele has been alive in the city since decades, so much so that, it has become an evident part of the culture of Bregenz. The city of Bregenz is sure picturesque with the Lake Constance circumferencing the city at its best. The delicate picture of this city raises to another level when the Bregenzer Festspiele shower its colour of arts in different genres from operas to theaters to drama. Since 1946, when the world was still rotten in the after-effects of World War II, the Bregenzer Festspiele came as a ray to bring meaning to life with its concepts hidden under the covers of the art. The Bregenzer Festspiele stands distinguished all throughout the world for its elements, such as the floating stages that are used extensively with the backdrop of Lake Constance, number of venues and a room for 7000 people at once.

The city of Bregenz and the Bregenzer Festspiele
The city of Bregenz, Austria | Locationscout

The Bregenzer Festspiele that was founded for the first time in 1946 gained international popularity as well as participation in the very first year. Since then it has only seen an uproar in events and demands. The sudden introduction of the Bregenzer Festspiele just after a year of the end of World War II can also be understood as the need of reasons of living of the people who had lost faith in life and its virtues. The war had left the world devastated and in a condition of existential crisis. The introduction of the Bregenzer Festspiele soon after the war could be a sign of how art and performing arts wanted to reconstruct the lost values within the general public.

The city of Bregenz and the Bregenzer Festspiele
Bregenzer Festspiele | Imgur

Top 5 things to do in Bregenz
Although the Bregenzer Festspiele is one of the biggest highlights of the city of Bregenz, but it is not the only one. Here we bring to you a quick guide where you can look at the other top 5 things to do in Bregenz.

1.Pfarrkirche Herz Jesu Bregenz
If you leave the city of Bregenz and detour towards its countryside, you will be welcomed with the double towers of the Pfarrkirche Herz Jesu Bregenz. Thus, without any second thought, the first pointer in our top 5 things to do in Bregenz is Pfarrkirche Herz Jesu Bregenz. The church stands erect with red bricks and towers giving a sense of gothic period. The Pfarrkirche Herz Jesu Bregenz is known to have been in the city since time immemorial and has witnessed a thousand million prayers.

Pfarrkirche Herz Jesu Bregenz
Pfarrkirche Herz Jesu Bregenz | Bregenz

2.Kunsthaus Bregenz
Built between 1990 and 1997, the Kunsthaus Bregenz adds on to the distinguished characters of the city in Austria. The Bregenz city is known to have adopted all genres of art. From the Bregenzer Festspiele to Kunsthaus Bregenz, it has a taste of rare, vintage to contemporary art forms. The Kunsthaus Bregenz for that matter displays exhibitions for international contemporary art forms. The place is designed by Swiss architect Peter Zumthor and has been commissioned by the State of Vorarlberg. Here is the second thing in our list of top 5 things to do in Bregenz.

Kunsthaus Bregenz
Kunsthaus Bregenz | Letters to Barbara

Pfänderbahn connects to the valley 419 meters above the sea level to a mountain station at 1022 meters near Pfänderspitze. The Pfänderbahn is a cable car in the city of Bregenz.

Pfänderbahn | Meersburg

4.Festspielhaus Bregenz
Bregenz is known highly for its festivals and the Festspielhaus Bregenz is a home to several modern meets. The Festspielhaus Bregenz gives place to modern as well as contemporary discussions that stand for eco-friendly centres of meetings, conferences and social or cultural events.

Festspielhaus Bregenz | Kongresskultur

5.Vorarlberg Museum
The last and the final place on our block from the top 5 things to do in Bregenz is the Vorarlberg Museum. The museum was founded in 1857 and is a roof under which the art pieces and culture of the state has been maintained and kept intact. If you are a fan of culturally stored items and antiques, this one place is for you.

Vorarlberg Museum | commonswikimedia.org