Polo | Jaipur Polo Season 2018

A brilliant Victory For Chandna Group On The Second Day Of The RPC Cup

15th September 2018 | Jaipur

Chandna Group completely turned the match towards their side in the third chukker.

Jaipur, Rajasthan - The second day of the RPC Cup began with Chandna Group facing Krishna/Benaz Corp in the first match of the day. It was going to be a good day for the Polo fans with three matches to be played on the day.
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The match between Chandna Group and Krishna/Benaz Corp took place on 13th September at 10:00 AM. In the 6-goal match, Chandna Group was playing with a total of +5 handicap. The teams were prepared to face a good competition from each other. Chandna Group played with Gerardo Mazzini (+6), Ashok Chandna (+1), Dhananjai Singh (0) and Sanjay Jakhar (-2). Krishna/Benaz Corp had Vishal Singh (+3), Vicky Nihalani (+2), Sunny Patel (+1) and Ashvini Sharma (0) playing for the team against Chandna Group. It was going to be an intense match as both the teams looked really strong and had equal chances of winning. The match started with a score of 0.5-0, with Chandna Group getting a lead of 0.5 before the match because they were playing with a less handicap. There was no winner till the end of the first half but Chandna Group completely turned the match towards their side in the third chukker.
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Gerardo Mazzini opened the match with a goal and extended the lead of Chandna Group by 1.5 – 0. Krishna/Benaz Corp weren’t allowed to score in the first chukker by Chandna Group. Gerardo Mazzini scored one more and the chukker ended with Chandna Group in the lead by 2.5 – 0. Krishna/Benaz Corp came back into the game in the second chukker with a goal from Sunny Patel. Now the score was 2.5 – 1. Ashvini Sharma also scored one and brought them closer. The score was 2.5 – 2 with Chandna Group still in the lead. Chandna Group weren’t able to score in the second chukker and the first half ended with a score of 2.5 – 2.
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Both the teams came into the second half with confidence, and the third chukker was filled with aggression. Gerardo Mazzini opened the third chukker with a goal bringing the score tally to 3.5 – 2. Krishna/Benaz Corp replied back with a goal and the score board now showed 3.5 – 3. Krishna/Benaz Corp were close to take the lead but Gerardo Mazzini completely dominated and scored two goals in third chukker to gain control over the match. The third chukker ended on a scoreline of 5.5 – 3 with Chandna Group in the lead. In the fourth chukker Chandna Group switched to defence mode and disn’t allow Krishna/Benaz Corp to score. Dhananjai Singh scored the final goal of the match and Chandna Group won the match by 6.5 – 3. It was a brilliant match that ended with Chandna Group winning by a big margin.