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07 June 2017 | UK

Cowdray Park the Home of British Polo Club, set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty within Viscount Cowdray estate in West Sussex

Cowdray Park the Home of British Polo Club, set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty within Viscount Cowdray estate in West Sussex is a series of competitions dedicated to cups and trophies was established in UK after the Second World War.
Now after so many years Cowdray Park Polo Club has decided to affiliate with the Singapore Polo Club that is believed to be the sport’s second oldest club in the world. The two clubs have since long shared the same heritage and history like The Royal Prince Philip playing tournaments regularly at both locations.
Association of the two club will give the members of the Singapore Polo Club an opportunity to travel to Europe during the 2017 polo season, particularly during Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup for the British Open Polo Championship where the Cowdray Park members would be welcomed with all the advantages of Cowdray Park Polo Club membership.
Singapore Polo Club founded in 1886 is minutes away from Singapore’s bustling commercial and business centre whereas Cowdrey's location rolls on the huge acres of UK’s stunning South Downs National Park with its magnificent rural beauty. However, The Singapore Polo Club's setting presents an oasis of tropical greenery and its open spaces provide a truly relaxing domain. The charming Clubhouse has open verandas portraying a rustic haven away from the hectic ambience of the world’s most exciting cities.
Peter Barfoot, Chairman of Cowdray Park Polo Club says: “The partnership between Cowdray Park Polo Club and Singapore Polo Club is set to encourage interaction and travel between the two clubs. I am sure that Cowdray and Singapore Polo Club members will enjoy the reciprocal membership arrangements and we look forward to welcoming SPC members to the Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup in 2017.”
Matt Petersen, General Manager, says: “My recent visit to Singapore Polo Club has convinced me that taking Cowdray Park Polo Club to a global platform will result in a number of dynamic initiatives, the first of those happening in Singapore.” Matt’s counterpart at Singapore Polo Club, Satinder Garcha, Club President says: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Cowdray Park Polo Club, one of the premier polo clubs in the world and where the British Open is played, as we see it as a unique opportunity for both our members to benefit from a truly global advantage whereby they have access to the best Clubs located on either side of the globe. In this day and age, with regular international travel becoming a constant, it’s important we’re able to fulfill the needs of our members by offering them quality alternatives to choose from around the world.”