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Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara

An informative description regarding the luxurious Gulfstream G550, the magnificent Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara and the comforting and iconic Scarlet Spa

We have a huge number of richie rich people in our country and even abroad. Right from the beginning, we have seen a lot of royal jewelry that has been embedded with the best jewels possible. These pieces have either been auctioned or has been kept under high security due to its high worth. Most of these jewels have measured their values in millions and even ahead. Comfort is another thing that has been taken special care of when it comes to the wealthy people. They have been able to afford high end luxury that is beyond the imagination of middle class persons. Be it private jets or expensive comfortable spas, our rich have been able to afford it all. We all see these items in pictures and wish that we could afford it too. We even dream of earning as much to be able to make something bigger and better. So here we are, taking a look at some of such filthy expensive items we wish we could afford.

The Gulfstream G550 is a brilliantly and efficiently designed business jet, which was created in the state of Georgia, US.

The Gulfstream G550

The magnificent piece was created by the General Dynamics Gulfstream Aerospace, with a mesmerising design called the GV-SP. The Gulfstream G550 has been created in collaboration with Rolls Royce Pearl. However, the G550 model has now been replaced by the Gulfstream G600. The reason this happened was that the Gulfstream G600 has a better cabin and cockpit, a lower fuel burn and a faster long range cruise, giving it a great margin over the Gulfstream G550. The boost range of the G500 model was highly efficient, therefore using low power to reach greater heights. The MTOW highly influenced the take off the power of the Gulfstream G550 in a positive way. It had 6 pairs of windows in total and adding to the convenience, a 7th one has been added. The entry door has been shifted forward to around 2 feet, which has ultimately increased the usable cabin length, ensuring better space management. The Gulfstream G550 model offers a brilliant PlaneView Flight deck which provides immense amounts of comfort. One cannot forget the presence of the essential cursor control devices, that can be defined as pointer devices which enhance navigation. There are also Honeywell Primus Epic avionics which is an absolutely essential feature. Honeywell Primus is a range consisting of a number of electronic flight instrument system glass cockpits. These cockpits have been manufactured by Honeywell Aerospace. Each one of these systems is important as each of them has multiple display systems which are used as primary flight displays and multifunctional flight displays. The Gulfstream G550 version also has the standard head up guidance system which is any transparent display. The way it helps is that it tends to display data without having the users to look here and there beyond their viewpoints, thus preventing distraction. This system, in the G550 model, has been created by Rockwell Collins, that used to be a multinational corporation company. This company was headquartered in the city of Cedar Rapids in Lowa and used to provide information technology systems and avionics. Avionics help in the communication, management displays, and navigation in an aircraft. Such provisions have been granted solely to aircraft manufacturers and government agencies. Rockwell Collins company was later acquired by United Technologies Corporation and now, it works as a part of Colin's aerospace. The Gulfstream G550 has a very advanced and modern visionary space which further helps it ace. This jet costs around $61.5 million.

The Gulfstream G550

The magnificent Cambridge Lover’s Knot Knot tiara was originally owned by the grandmother of Queen Diana, who was Queen Mary. This piece is said to have been made using 19 assorted diamonds and pearl drops, extracted from all the gifts and presents that Queen Diana received during her wedding. The Queen[Mary] had only inherited the tiara and worn it once at a public appearance before gifting it to Diana, as her wedding present.

kate middleton
 diana Lover’s Knot Knot tiara

Princess Diana wore it throughout many occasions. In additional to her, Duchess Kate had also been spotted wearing this tiara at the state banquet event, with a lot of fan following.

This tiara is one of the most stunning pieces in Diana’s collection and it holds great sentimental value for her. It follows an amazing history too. According to some sources, when Queen Mary had commissioned this piece of beauty, she had to sacrifice one of the tiaras from her royal jewelry collection to get this magnificent piece made. Queen Mary died in the year 1953, after which the crown was passed to her granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth II. The queen wore it on several occasions and ultimately, the tiara became her favourite. Finally, in the year 1981, the Lover’s Knot Tiara was gifted to Princess Diana. This tiara became her favorite despite the fact that she wore the Spencer Tiara on her wedding day, and the Lover’s Knot Tiara was heavy enough to hurt her head. She later returned it to the queen after her divorce. The tiara was then kept in the Buckingham Palace. According to some reports, after Diana’s death in the year 1997, the tiara was not seen publicly. This happened till 2015 when Duchess Kate wore it for a reception at Buckingham Palace. Since then, she was seen wearing it around 5 more times. In Diana’s public appearances, she is said to have declared that she liked the Spencer Tiara better because of its comfort and lightweight.


The Scarlet Spa is one of the most amazing and relaxing spas in the UK. The hotel which offers this spa is called The Scarlet, and it claims that this spa is the heaven of tranquility for those who get the chance of experiencing it.

It has luxurious tented treatment rooms which help in creating a relaxing atmosphere. These rooms are lit up by lanterns and they offer a far reaching views over the beautiful Mawgan Porth Beach, extending to the Wild Atlantic and even beyond that. This spa is especially known for its essentially contemplative, quiet and an almost spiritual like peaceful atmosphere.

The Scarlet Spa is open for all the day guests, who can book the indoor and outdoor pools. These pools are either naturally steamed or cold. The guests can also book spa treatments and steam rooms and are permitted to enjoy the same, along with the pools, for free during their stay.

The Scarlet Hotel claims of their spa to be different from the others as their spa focuses on the holistic development, wellbeing and also the nourishment of the person’s mind and body and also the soul. This is done by taking up the wisdom of Ayurveda and a distinctive Cornish twist, which is exclusively their style.

Mineral-rich mud is also available, in which the guests can bathe and reap the benefits of a joyful and enriching experience. Massages are offered by professional therapists to add up further There is a hot water tub and also a chemical free pool which is cleaned by reeds for the washing away.

This spa is inclusive of a stunning relaxation room as well, where there are cocoon-like pods that hang down from the ceiling.

The Scarlet Spa
 The Scarlet Spa

Adding up to these comforts are the cliff top hot tubs that offer a look beyond the vast ocean. There is a further inclusion of an uplifting relaxation area, a meditation pool and a deep relaxation space with hanging canvas pods to curl up in.

As if this was not enough, there is also has Hammam which is used for scrubs and wraps over a heated table. There are spa lunches that are offered to guests after their treatment. The guests are free to choose their own style of bathing rituals and spa treatments. Reservation teams are available and can be approached in case the guests want something absolutely different and regarding their personal choices.