Cartier Queen’s Cup

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Cartier Queen’s Cup

Hailed as “a jewel in Polo calendar”, if rules are relaxed, polo aficionados may witness the semi-final and the finale, to be held from June 23-27.

The Cartier Queen's Cup is a 22-goal polo tournament at the Guards Polo Club in England. Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who was also a polo aficionado, had said: “There is something about the outside of the horse that is good for the inside of man.” People have always been fascinated about horses. The aristocracy and the royalty too have been impressed by the horses’ speed, power and gracefulness. In the UK, this admiration is showcased through many equine sporting events, which include the Royal Ascot, Olympia Horse Show and The Grand National. The epitome of these equestrian tournaments is the Cartier Queen’s Cup Final.

Cartier Queen’s Cup, the summer season’s staple, is among the Queen’s favourite royal events. Her royal majesty presented the Queen’s Cup to the Guards Polo club in 1960, and attended the finals to give out the Silver Cup, till date. An array of finest polo players, including His Royal Highness, Prince of Wales, whose team Les Diables Bleus, won the Cup in 1986, have participated in it.

Deemed as “the jewel in the polo calendar” by UK’s weekly Country Life, it is one of the most important 22-goal polo tournaments in the world. As per the magazine, Beau Monde Traveler: “The epitome of equestrian tournaments in the world, let alone Britain, is the Cartier Queen’s Cup Final. Here you’ll find the most coveted date on the sport and social calendar where Europe’s well-to-do, from royals to titans of industries, to A-list celebrities, relish the day.”

The Cup is hosted by the Guards Polo Club every year and is the high point of the polo season of Britain. This is the club's leading tournament, featuring top players from across the globe, with their elegant and impressive ponies. This is a three-week long thrilling tournament that delivers fast-paced and breath-taking polo with every chukka.

It has been sponsored by Cartier since 2012. The association of the famed watchmaker and jeweller accords the sport a context in the luxury space. The House of Cartier hones perfection and luxury, and exudes a message that resonates throughout the brand. Their iconic panther symbolism tenacity and elegance. The same attributes can be seen in the Cartier Queen's Cup as well.

The reigning fashion at the tournament is not about couture dresses, but a more reserved, ingrained style that is associated with the royalty. Celebrities are spotted here, enjoying the sporting event. Actors like Jenna Coleman and Eleanor Thompson have been often seen at the finale. The Polo Magazine hailed the tournament as the “most prestigious polo club in the world.” The finals are worth watching as the best teams in the world go head-to-head in a fierce battle. The adrenalin runs high and the excitement is nail-biting. However, due to Covid-19, many activities have been either rescheduled or suspended. But this has not been a setback, as even in crisis times, the tournament has been able to evolve.

David Cummings, CEO of Global Polo Entertainment, a for-profit, wholly owned subsidiary of USPA Global Licensing and Incorporated spoke to CLICKPOLO USA about pay-for-view arrangements in the time of social isolation due to the pandemic. He said: “Currently, most sports organizations do not allow spectators. On the one hand, live streaming is a real benefit as it offers the polo enthusiast an opportunity to watch the best polo, the best players and their horses via the internet. On the other hand, there is a cost associated with it: pay per view.” Going further with the insights about the pay-per-view, he said: “I believe pay-per-view is here to stay. The AAP started the live streaming, pay-for-view process with the Argentine Open in 2019, followed by the XPL games, and Cowdray Polo Club (King Power Gold Cup) and Guards Polo Club (Cartier Queen’s Cup) followed suit in the 2020 season. Without-pay-for-view, we would have missed some of the most exciting games of the season.”

This year 15 teams have entered the tournament, and that includes some great polo players like Adolfo Cambiaso Senior (Scone Polo), Facundo Pieres (Park Place), Hilario Ulloa (King Power) and Juan Martin Nero (BP Polo). If there are chances for rules to be relaxed, the club promises to open doors for non-members as well, and polo aficionados may witness the semi-final and the finale of the Cartier Queen’s Club, to be held from June 23-27.