Indian polo | Cavalry Glod


30 October 2017

The second day of the of the Cavalry Gold Cup featured two fixtures.

The second day of the of the Cavalry Gold Cup featured two fixtures. The first match was between the Jindal Panthers and Rajnigandha Achievers while he second match was between Ascension and Sona Polo.

The nail biting match between Jindal Panthers and Rajnigandha Achievers started out with Jindal Panthers taking the field by a storm by scoring 3 goals in the first few moments of the first chukker, while Rajnigandha Achievers could score only one goal by the end of the first chukker. However in the second chukker Rajnigandha Achievers had picked up their pace and equalized the score at a 2-2 in the second chukker. By the third chukker Rajnigandha Achievers had completely turned the tables on their opponents by scoring an additional four goals while preventing all but one goal from their opponent. While in the final chukker Jindal Panther's tried their best at catching up by scoring two more goals but they failed to do so as Rajnigandha Achievers took the final goal of the match and subsequently won the match by 7 to 9.

The second match of the day between Ascension and Sona Polo saw Ascension taking the lead by 1 goal in the first chukker. Despite their brilliant defence and lead, from the second chukker onwards Ascension could not score beynf oe goal per chukker as Sona Polo skilfully prevented any goals from their opponent whilst scoring some impressive goals in the subsequent chukkers. The match ended with Sona Polo prevailing as the final score came up to be 6-4.