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Challenging The Football And Polo Players

23rd June 2018 | India

FIFA 2018 Russia is grabbing all the limelight around the world, among sports enthusiasts and otherwise too. LA POLO brings shots which show the players being challenged in the sport they rule.

A sport that has with time turned out to be a religion and not just a game, has ruled out the world with his extravagant spirit of roughness as well as toughness.
But what if the similar roughness encompassed in another ragious sport is brought parallel to the ground.
LA POLO brings out the best challenging shots from the grounds of football and polo.

The art of nutmeg is not new to the world of footballers, and a soccer fan would definitely know the hardship involved in it. The video above shows how distinctively the girl dodges the ball even with the brilliant lot. She undoubtedly challenged the players creating some jaw-dropping moments.

And these jaw-dropping moments are similarly created on the grounds of polo when Indian polo player Shamsheer Ali takes on the horseback, grabs his mallet and showcases his skills of tapping. He is considered to be the only player across the world who can perform this skill at this ease. For a mallet is flexibly made out of bamboo, and to hold a ball over it along with a galloping horse is as hard as a bicycle kick in football.