Indian polo | Jaipur Polo Season 2018

Chandna Group Win The Army CDR Polo Cup

7th OCTOBER 2018 | Jaipur

The finals of the Army CDR Cup saw ASC Col Girdhari team play against Chandna Group.

Jaipur, Rajasthan - ASC Col Girdhari Team and Chandna Group played against each other in the finals of the Army CDR Polo Cup on 6th OCtober, 2018. It was going to be an extraordinary final as two of the strongest teams were going against each other in the finals of the cup. Chandna Group played in black while ASC Col Girdhari Team was covered in orange. Lt Col Vishal Chauhan and Mr. Shamsher Ali were the umpires in the final. The match was played at 4:15 pm.

ASC Col Girdhari team played with a total of +7 handicap in a 8-goal match and were awarded 0.5 points before the match started. Akshay Malik (0), Navin Singh (+2), Cdr Akhil Sirohi (+3) and Col GS Pandher (+2) played for ASC Col Girdhari team. Chandna group had Ranshay Purohit (-2), Gaurav Sehgal (+3), Ashok Chandna (+1) and Gerardo Mazzini (+6) playing for the team.

It was a close competition between the two teams but Chandna Group Polo team was the strongest of the two teams. Gerardo Mazzini scored four goals to help Chandna Group win the final of the Army CDR Cup. The match ended with Chandna Group winning the Army CDR Cup by 7 - 4.5.