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Kate Middleton and her Chelsea Flower Show Garden Decoded

HRH the Duchess of Cambridge joined hands with the RHS Garden to create the Woodland Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show

The Chelsea Flower Show is one of the grandest events the London city ceremonies. Not only this but from all the flower shows that are exhibited across the world, the Chelsea Flower Show remains the one that stands on the podium of being the largest as well as the grandest. And when in London, it is hard to have an event without the involvement of the Royal Family. For years now, the Chelsea Flower Show has seen the involvement of the members of the Royal Family, especially the Queen. She has been keenly participating in the exhibition of the garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. Some of the glimpses from Queen Elizabeth’s visit to the Chelsea Flower Show display the same.

the Chelsea Flower Show
the Chelsea Flower Show

Maintaining the ritualistic involvement of the Royal Family towards the Chelsea Flower Show, HRH the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton became a part of the flower show in her own special manner. HRH the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who is also the co-designer of the RHS Garden crafted the much-talked and much-anticipated Woodland Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. The theme of the Woodland Garden looked very homely as well as nostalgic with the inputs from HRH the Duchess of Cambridge. The Woodland Garden hovers around the elements of families and moments of childhood days, which is accessible to the general public as well. The Woodland Garden closely captures the natural world, it's innocence, lightness, and righteousness paralleling to the spectrum of childhood. With the elements that have been carefully established the Woodland Garden did not take moments to become the favorite among people and more so the young kids. Having installations of the hollow log that the children can use to climb, den, stream, waterfall, and the eye-catching tree-house, everything grabbed the attention for the Woodland Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. The garden designed by HRH the Duchess of Cambridge with her personal interest has outshining been in light for touching the family time to its core. Her pictures from the Woodland Garden with her husband, Prince William, and their three kids have availed more light towards the theme. From the idea and the outlay of the Woodland Garden, it can also be decoded that HRH the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton destined to bring together the lost family time along with connecting the kids to the natural world that has with the passage of generations has been left behind.

the Chelsea Flower Show
the Chelsea Flower Show

The Woodland Garden has been in the news for all the possible reasons. During the Chelsea Flower Show, the visit of Queen Elizabeth II at the Woodland Garden grabbed major limelight for the way HRH the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton welcomed Queen Elizabeth II. The not-so-official meet between the two called for some check in the rule books of the Royal Family if the news reports are to be taken seriously. But what did not go unnoticed was the constant participation of Queen Elizabeth II at the Chelsea Flower Show.

This, directly and indirectly, promoted the closeness of the kids towards the natural world while inducing in them the importance of natural habitat. Sue Biggs, RHS Director General said, “There are many sensory elements to help children to learn. Active play in the fresh air is also important for a child’s development and getting back to nature has been shown to be good for developing creativity, increasing physical activity and reducing stress.”

the Chelsea Flower Show

The 5 activity guide of the Woodland Garden consisted of the step-by-step guide which incorporated the following things:

1.Fairy Gardens
2.Welly Planters
3.Lead Wands
4.Bug Hotel
5.Painted Pebbles

The inspiration for the guide came into existence from the real gardens, especially to that of the painted pebbles. The paintings on the pebbles presented the gardens tat co-designed by the landscape architect Andree Davies and Davies Whire landscape architect Adam White. Sue Biggs, RHS Director General, added his thoughts on the creation of the guide. He said, “We couldn’t be happier with the wonderful design by The Duchess of Cambridge and Andree and Adam for our garden at Chelsea this year.” Talking about the RHS Garden he remarked that these gardens are a beautiful space where families can come together, dig, play, grow plants, connect with the natural world and also with each other. These gardens were created with an aim to provide some place to the families where they can spend time outdoors. Also, activities like these are helpful in charity as it promoties, inspires and encourages people.

the Chelsea Flower Show

If you missed the natural world created by HRH the Duchess of Cambridge, you still have one more chance to be a part of it personally. RHS as partnered with NHS and this collaboration will be taken further to engage with a much wider audience. HRH the Duchess of Cambridge and Davies White will be once again co-designing two more RHS Gardens while maintaining the elements of the Chelsea Flower Show and it’s gardens. The next displays will be at RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival from 2nd to 7th July 2019 and at RHS Garden Wisley, Surrey that will open in late autumn during the year.