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05 October 2017 | India

Acquiring the unmatched niche, he is all set to launch the fourth edition of his latest work in collaboration with the Indian fashion jewel Sabyasachi

With exotic 25 years of the elite exhibition of fashion in all parameters, Christian Louboutin has raised the bar for the fashion industry. Acquiring the unmatched niche, he is all set to launch the fourth edition of his latest work in collaboration with the Indian fashion jewel Sabyasachi. When we utter about the traditional display of Indian culture and dressing, Sabyasachi is the name that justifies it in the best way.
This extraordinary collaboration with Indian haute couture designer-Sabyasachi Mukherjee will show off a selected style of dressing for both men and women complimenting with Christian Louboutin's latest creation. The edition will include 15 styles for women and 4 for men which will be exclusively made from atelier archive of Sabyasachi that would make them completely class apart. Each patch, cuts, and attachments would carry a concept that would define the story behind it.
The accidental meeting at Sabyasachi's store eventually turned out to be a collaboration that would grace the upcoming Indian fashion shows. Sabyasachi's invitation for Christian Louboutin to design shoes for his latest collection surely turned out to be a union that gives a different edge to fashion, justifying both traditional and contemporary way of gracing footwears in India.
The best part of designing these exquisite pieces was that they both picked all the leftover cutouts, pieces and materials like beads etc. from Sabyasachi's warehouse and have created designs in mosaic and abstract forms and gave them a traditional& contemporary twist.
With fashion world crossing boundaries and coming to a common platform, collaboration has been the new trend nowadays. Such collaborations depict the growing love for fashion and how creative people are coming together to celebrate art, culture, and talent. The adorance for Indian handicraft and its uniqueness has made Christian Louboutin experience the unmatched craftsmanship that hails in India.
The duo expects people overseas to appreciate and love these exclusive designs apart from the Indian audience.
Christian Louboutin further talks about his success over the years and how it has helped him try new things and explore all kinds of opportunities to exhibit to people around. Widely known for his experimental nature he leaves no chance to collaborate with talented designers and people in order to create something new that would complement his love for fashion, creativity and also new edge fashion.
With passion and enthusiasm for their work, Sabyasachi and Christian Louboutin will launch the collection exclusively at Harrods, on coming Thursday, October 11. Explore the best for your foot this festive season! Why wait?