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The final took place on 16th July where Cowdray Vikings witnessed the 2015 British Ladies Championship winners Huntington House/Apes Hill.

The 2016 British Ladies Polo Championship started off with six teams, sponsored by City & Country, who is one the leading heritage developers in UK market and also the company which is responsible for the impressive restoration of the Grade II Listed King Edward VII former sanatorium on the outskirts of Midhurst. The final took place on 16th July where Cowdray Vikings witnessed the 2015 British Ladies Championship winners Huntington House/Apes Hill. The House/Apes Hill’s gained a half point advantage on the scoreboard towards the starting of the game due to an uneven handicap of the player, with Lila Pearson’s Cowdray Vikings side on a handicap of 17 to Huntington House/Apes Hill’s 16.

The Cowdray Vikings team consisted of Katie Vickery at 1, Lila Pearson at 2, Hazel Jackson at 3 and Sarah Wiseman at Back. For Huntington House/Apes Hill, Camilla Williams stood at number 1 position, followed by Emma Boers and Tamara Fox and backed by Lucy Taylor. Katie Vickery for Cowdray Vikings made the first mark on the scoreboard, returned by a goal from the opponent, Emma Boers. Cowdray Vikings won the ball from the throw-in, due to Jackson who swooped on to it too control of it all the way to give her team, Cowdray Vikings the lead 2-1½ by the end of the chukka. Despite plenty of action in the first chukka, the second chukka was surprisingly quiet where there were no goals.

A spot hit awarded to Huntington House/Apes Hill began the second half of the match and soon Emma Boers made an tactful grab for the ball which resulted in a neat goal to take her side ahead by half a goal. A penalty shot by was missed by Hazel Jackson, but then the Vikings came into the attack mode and Katie Vicery swung an open goal making them lead again. Further, a classic backhand shot from Sarah Wisemen, proceeded by a mighty shot from Hazel Jackson ended the chukka with a score of 5-2 ½ favouring the Cowdray Vikings.

From the throw-in which started chukka 4, Cowdray Vikings were on the move again despite plenty of hassle by Fox and Taylor for Huntington House/Apes Hill. The synergy between Jackson and Vickery was incredible further pushing the score to 6-2½ for Cowdray Vikings. The rest of the match was both the teams struggling hard to score but none succeeding to actually making a score which resulted to Cowdray Vikings emerging as victors with a final score of 6-2½.

A stunning array of prizes including silk scarves and handbags was sponsored by Aspinal of London, the luxury leather goods company based at Fernhurst.Helen Moore, Managing Director of City & Country, was delighted to present the silver salver to Lila Pearson. Hazel Jackson won the award for Most Valuable Player of the match and received a beautiful Aspinal of London leather jewellery box and her Pony, Peewee received the Best Playing Pony Award for the match.