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31 August 2017 | France

An exceptional performance on the Normandy polo pitch, in the middle of the Deauville - La Touques Racecourse, was the only way to make it to the Deauville Gold Cup.

An exceptional performance on the Normandy polo pitch, in the middle of the Deauville - La Touques Racecourse, was the only way to make it to the Deauville Gold Cup. As one of the major tournaments, this was something the Argentina professional did not want to slip off their hands. The spellbound performance of the final eight players of 2017 added glory to the afternoon. The captain of team Cibao La Pampa, Jorge Pepa confesses the match to be one of the most difficult matches of August Deauville.

The gripping weather as one of the highlight and car parking packed with more than 2000 spectators was a clear picture of enthusiasm, love, and respect amongst people for the polo tournament and its success. The game turned out an unexpected victory for some and also brought out the performance of three extraordinary players who will play for the Argentina Open that would be the leading tournament during the end of the year. The prominent players Francisco Elizalde, 8 goal handicap, Santiago Ignacio Toccalino and the striker Alfredo Capella are expected to go ahead for this prestigious tournament in the time forth with good teams. Surprisingly, on Sunday afternoon in Deauville, Francisco Elizalde did not have Argentina as the prime focus in mind. Instead his solo performance and objective were the main targets exhibited on the field giving the second position to his team Cibao La Pampa after winning a silver cup on 13th August. Surely, the combination of Cibao and Elizalde proved to be a proud achievement, along with the solid team where each player is well versed with their role to give in their best. Even though the game did not fall in their court still they gave a tough fight to the winners. Opposite them playing was the winning team of French Open 2016 in Chantilly where they played under the name Barrière in the most impeccable way reducing the score in the final chukka. The team comprises of four solid players who are familiar with each other’s game very well that actually has become their USP. The team was proudly lead by Martin Aguerre Jr who scored 7 goal handicaps in a close knit game. This led MARTA & LUCIEN BARRIÈRE on Sunday, 27 August 2017 to win the Final of the Gold Cup. The individual score of team Barrière: Martin Joaquin (Arg 4 goal handicap, 1 goal), Juan Chavanne (Arg 5 goal handicap 3 goals), Martin Aguerre Jr (Arg 7 goal handicap, 3 goals including 2 penalties), Tommy Rinderknecht (Swiss 0 goal handicap)

In spite of rigorous game played by them, it was Captain Jorge Pepa and his team that stole the acclamations and the title of the man of the match for some obvious reasons. The Progression team Cibao La Pampa scored 2/2 - 4/2 - 6/4 - 8/5 - 8/7. The eight and the most decisive goal by Jorge Pepa scored right in front of them became one of the most profound moments in Palermo. The individual score of Cibao La Pampa made up to Juan Pepa (Arg 2 goal handicap), Pato Cieza (Arg 5 goal handicap), Fran Elizalde (Arg 8 goal handicap, 5 goals including 5 penalties), Jorge Pepa (Captain Arg 1 goal handicap, 3 goals)
The captain said, "Winning here this prestigious Gold Cup in Deauville is a great moment! A big thank you to Jean-Édouard [Mazery, president of the Deauville International Polo Club] and his team. This tournament is simply wonderful, both on and off the pitch. It was a really tough game. We had a great team against us and Martin Aguerre delivered a great performance. They fought until the last minute and it was very close. But I think it gave a very fine match to watch. One thing is for sure, we will be back in Deauville next year! "
The impeccable game of team Barrière at the Deauville Polo Cup 2017 came to an end, with a fabulous match and good memories to cherish for a lifetime. The unmatched ambiance that was surrounded by beaches, sea side streets, lovely weather and not forgetting the endowed teams added to make this tournament grand and entertaining. The winning team Barriere is now all set to lay their eyes on the French Open Chantilly that will commence next week. The aspiration to win the Triple French Crown after winning silver and gold cups and mark their names first in the history is what the winning team looks forward to.