Day 3- KCR vs Sahara Warriors

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Continuing The Intense Action of RPC Cup 2019 on The Third Day Of The Season

Today the Jaipur Polo season will witness Chandna Krishna Polo fighting against the ASC at RPC ground.

For the match Vinay and Allan will shuffle play for the KCR. Allan will be playing the first two chukkers and Vinay will take the charge for the last two chukkers. We have Vishal Singh and Gerardo Mazzini umpiring for the second match of the day

KCR Sahara Warriors
Vinay/Allan (-2) Mayurdhwaj Singh (-2)
Maj Aman Singh (+1) Anirudh Mawaji (0)
Basheer Ali (+4) Daniel Otamendi (+5)
Humza Ali (+3) HH Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh (+3)

Chukker 1:

Daniel opens up the first chukker by giving a hard hit to the ball and move towards the goal, Aman singh takes it over. It is halftime for the first chukker and the scoreboard is still waiting for its first score update. Major Aman and Bashir Ali have the ball and Bashir gets the first goal for his team and the match.
The battle was on when Bashir Ali lost balance and fell off his horse, but luckily no injuries witnessed. The game is into action once again with Humza Ali leading the way; but Aman Singh get the goal right before the first chukker wraps up

KCR - 2
Sahara Warriors - 0

Chukker 2:

Players are preparing themselves for chukker 2. We have now arrived to chukker 2 of the second day of the match. Otamendi gives a beautiful cut shot and aman singh prance towards the ball but its Daniel again taking over the ball through the goal bringing the first goal for the team. 3.12 mins gone for the second chukker and we have Aman hitting it through the goal. Bashir Ali is challenged by Daniel Otamendi with the ball rolling across the field towards the goal and we have another goal for the team by Otamendi.
This marks the end for the second chukker.

KCR - 3
Sahara Warriors - 2

Chukker 3:

Vinay will be now playing for the rest of the match in place of Allan from KCR. The game is into motion for the third chukker, Aman singh gives it a long shot but we have the goal accomplished by Bashir Ali. Another successive goal by Daniel Otamendi getting him a hat-trick. Aman collects the ball but we have the umpires' whistle. HH Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh who is also popularly known as Pacho leads the way but its Vinay who gets the goal in his favour.
Pacho makes a good run but the ball rolls out of the play. Daniel is combining well with Pacho but we have Bashir taking it over and we have the hooter for the third chukker.

KCR - 5
Sahara Warriors - 3

Chukker 4:

We are now proceeding towards the final chukker.
The game is now on with Bashir Ali leading the game and presenting a great defence for his team, but Daniel Otamendi still manages to get a goal. Even the national flag seems to be peeping over to watch who is going to win. Only 4 minutes left for the chukker to end, the nervousness in the crowd is a glimpse of how close the game is marching. Pacho picks up the pace moving towards the goalpost passing it on to Daniel who successfully gets the goal. The scores for both the teams are now equal ; but Bashir gives a winning shot !
It was a nail biting match in which KCR gets the victory

KCR - 6
Sahara Warriors - 5
RPC polo cub
padmanabh singh of Jaipur

MATCH 1 - Chandna Krishana Polo v/s ASC
jaipur polo season 2019

The ground is all set for the season's third day of battle. Its 37 degrees here in Jaipur, but still the game is unbothered and is ready for full action. It will be interesting to see who wins the match today.
For the match, ASC has an advantage of 1.5 points, and the umpires are Bashir Ali and Dhananjay Singh.
There is a slight change for ASC, Dhananjay is replacing Vandit Golecha.

Chandna Krishana Polo ASC
Ashvini Sharma (0) Dhananjay (+1)
Jaiveer Singh (0) Sep Ravinder (-1)
Ashok Chandna (0) Navin Singh (+2)
Gerardo Mazzini (+6) Col GS Pandher (+2)

Chukker 1:

The first chukker is now into motion. Ashok leading the way but the final credit for the 1st goal of the day goes to Jaiveer Singh. Ponies are running across the field and its Navin on the ball, brilliantly passing it to Ravinder who finally makes it to the goal.
And its a beautiful goal by Mazzini right before halftime of the first chukker.
The ball is in play again, Navin leading the way followed by Mazzini who takes a long shot and manages to pass the ball through the goal.
Dhananjay rolls the ball and its Ashvini defending the goal for Chandna Krishna Polo, and we have the whistle from the umpire. Navin Singh is preparing to hit the penalty shot ; manages to get the goal effortlessly. Only 30 secs left for the first chukker and Navin Singh again hit it through the goal.
With this the first chukker wraps up.

Chandna Krishan Polo - 2
ASC - 5.5

Chukker 2:

The ball has been rolled for the second chukker. Mazzini strikes it towards the goal but is beautifully blocked by the opposing team. Ashok Chandna is now on the ball, Mazzini is moving forward to defend his arena and the ball rolls out of the line.
Its halftime for the second chukker; 45 seconds for the players to get ready and change their ponies
The game is into motion once again, the scoreboard is stable with no changes in the second chukker till now.
Mazzini gets on to the ball and slides the ball across the goalpost bringing another goal in favor for his team. A great try by ASC but we have the hooter signalling the end for the second chukker.

Chandna Krishan Polo - 4
ASC - 5.5

Chukker 3:

The game is now two chukkers away from the end. Bashir Ali is now replaced by Aman Singh who will be the second umpire for rest of the match. Gerardo Mazzini makes the striking shot but unsuccessful to get the goal. Ashok Chandna is now leading the way followed by Mazzini, but Pandher gives a back shot changing the direction of the ponies. Navin Singh gets the goal after fighting the great defence mechanism by the opposing team, getting him a hat-trick in phis name. Jaiveer and Ashok Chandna takes the lead, ponies are scattered around the goal post, and Dhananjay gets the goal for ASC.
Seconds before the hooter for the third chukker, Mazzini manages to get a goal.
With scores, 7.5 - 6, the third chukker wraps up.

Chandna Krishan Polo - 6
ASC - 7.5

Chukker 4:

The game has galloped into the final chukker. And right in the beginning Dhananjay gets the goal in favour of his team. Both the teams are fully charged to get the game in their favour as the game is only 4 minutes away from its decision. Mazzini strikes a delightful shot determined to get the goal, Ashivi takes it over but misses the shot by a very close distance. Mazzini gets yet another goal and presents a strong performance on the field. 54 seconds are left for the play , and Mazzini gets another goal for his team.
With this the fourth and final chukker comes to an end with a very close tiff between both the teams. ASC emerges victorious with 0.5 points.

Chandna Krishan Polo - 8
ASC - 8.5