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The Announcement of The Coronation Cup

The Argentina Polo Association announces the Coronation Cup

In a recent report, it was confirmed by Argentine Polo Association that the national team will be playing against England for the traditional Coronation Cup on 27th July 2019 at the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club. According to the report, the team will be captained by ace player Facundo Pieres, while it be coached by Eduardo Heguy. The rest of the players will be decided soon. As a matter of fact, the Argentine team has remained unbeatable when it comes to the Coronation Cup. Last time, the team participated in 2014 and defeated the local team by a score difference of 13 to 8 goals with Facundo Pieres, Adolfo Cambiaso, Julio Ruggeri and Francisco Belaustegui.

The cup is played with the same rules, manners, and format as any other tournament of modern polo, and in fact stands as an epitome of entertainment, skill, and splendor. The Cup honors its roots each year at a global level by opening its participation. It is, every year presented by a member of the Royal English household.


The Coronation of King George V in the year 1911, witnessed a number of changes and pinnacle events in the realm of polo, and especially in English Polo Season. One of which was that for the next 28 years, the Coronation Cup was played by the winners of the London Open Tournaments. Initially, the cup was played by the winners of the London season, that were categorised as the winners of the three most important tournaments, which were: Inter-Regimental Tournament, Ranelagh's Open Cup and the Hurlingham’s Champion Cup. Teams from overseas were also invited in, and that records read that the first ever Coronation Cup was won by the Indian Polo Association that had Shah Mirza Beg, Gerald Ritson, Leslie Cheape and Vivian Lockett as team members. The tournament was played until it was interrupted by World War II in 1939. The tournament came to a stand still for 18 years. According to the highlights presented by Hurlingham Polo Club, it states that the tournament as received once again in 1951 and it was 1953 that the Coronation Cup was played again at Cowdray Park Polo Club as part of Queen Eliabeth II’s coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey.