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Last Minute Victory for Sona Polo And An Easy Victory For Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions On Day 2 Of Yes Bank Indian Masters

21st November 2018 | Delhi.india

The Yes Bank Indian Masters witnessed taut battles on second day of action.

The second day of the Yes Bank Indian Masters was ready for some intense Polo battles at the Jaipur Polo Ground, Delhi. Rajnigandha Achievers battled against Sona Polo in the first match of the second day of the tournament. Rajnigandha Achievers played with Pranav Kapur (+2), Gaurav Sahgal (+3), Salim Azmi (+3) and Matthew Philip Perry (+6). Sona Polo stood strong on the other side with Kartikeya Singh (0), Sawai Padmanabh Singh (+3), Abhimanyu Pathak (+5) and Gerardo Mazzini (+6). Rajnigandha Achievers played in white and Sona Polo played in black. The umpires of the match were Julio Bensadon and Lt Col Vishal Chauhan.

The match started with a brilliant strike by Gerardo Mazzini in the opening minutes of the game. He scored a brilliant goal from an angle shot. The score was 1-0 after Gerardo's goal. Sona Polo got a 60’ penalty but Gerardo wasn't able to convert into a goal. Matthew Perry ran with the ball to form a brilliant play but couldn't convert it into a goal for Rajnigandha Achievers. Pranav Kapur's horse tripped in front of the goal and Pranav fell off the horse. He kept the Polo spirit alive, swapped his horse and returned to the field. Sawai Padmanabh Singh made a brilliant run in the final minutes of the first chukker and passed a fabulous through ball but the pass was stopped midway by Gaurav Sahgal. The score at the end of the first chukker was 1-0

Rajnigandha Achievers were awarded a 60’ penalty in the first minute of the second chukker. Matthew Perry wasn't able to convert the penalty into a goal. Gerardo Mazzini scored a brilliant goal for Sona Polo and the score was 2-0 after his goal. Gerardo Mazzini was in a great form today and he scored another goal for Sona Polo from the 60-yard penalty spot. He struck a powerful shot to help Sona Polo extend their lead. The score was 3-0 after the goal. The second chukker was goalless for Rajnigandha Achievers. The score at the end of the second chukker was 3-0.

The third chukker started and both the teams were ready for a tough fight. Abhimanyu Pathak passed a brilliant through ball to Sawai Padmanabh Singh. Sawai Padmanabh Singh ran with the ball and struck a finesse shot and scored the goal. Sona Polo were now leading by 4-0. Rajnigandha Achievers were awarded a 30’ penalty and Gaurav Sahgal converted the penalty into a goal. It was Rajnigandha Achievers’ first goal. The score was 4-1 in favor of Sona Polo. Salim Azmi took the ball from the left, got past all the defenders in a nick of time and passed a brilliant through ball to Gaurav Sahgal. It was a brilliant play by Rajnigandha Achievers but Gaurav Sahgal couldn't convert it into a goal. Gerardo Mazzini attempted a long shot towards the goal. The shot was quite powerful but wasn't directed towards the goal. The third chukker was about to end. The scoreboard showed 4-1 in favor of Sona Polo and the extra 30 seconds of the chukker were in play. Gaurav Sahgal ran with the ball from the half, got past the Sona Polo defence and scored a mind-blowing goal to end the chukker in style. The score was 4-2 after the third chukker with Sona Polo still in the lead.

Rajnigandha Achievers were getting back in the game in the fourth chukker of the match. Matthew Perry displays a brilliant set of skills to score a brilliant goal. He ran from one goal to the other, covering the whole field to score a brilliant athletic goal for Rajnigandha Achievers. The score was 4-3 now. Sona Polo are awarded a 30’ penalty and Gerardo Mazzini, without making any mistake, scores from the penalty. The fourth chukker ended after Gerardo's goal and Sona Polo were in the lead by 5-3 after the fourth chukker.

The excitement for the last/fifth chukker was doubled after Gaurav Sahgal scored a brilliant goal for Rajnigandha Achievers. Rajnigandha were able to get close to Sona Polo. The score was 5-4 when Gaurav Sahgal struck a sensational goal from the 60’ penalty mark. The scores were now levelled at 5-5. The match could turn either side now. The chukker was about to end and the match was progressing towards the Death chukker when Abhimanyu Pathak dribbled past Matthew Perry and Pranav Kapur from the right and made a brilliant run. He got past rest of the Rajnigandha's defence and struck a powerful shot from the angle towards the goal. He scored a brilliant goal to help Sona Polo win the match in the last minutes of the game. Sona Polo won the match by 6-5.

Match Progression: Sona Polo - Rajnigandha Achievers: (1-0)/(3-0)/(4-2)/(5-3)/(6-5)

Delhi Polo Season, Abhimanyu Pathak indian polo player
 Delhi Polo Season, Sawai Padmanabh Singh of jaipur , pacho

Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions win the second match of the day

The second match of the day saw Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions battle against Palermo Polo on a sunny day at the Jaipur Polo Ground, Delhi. Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions’ team was comprised of Satinder Garcha (+2), Simran Singh Shergill (+6), Raul R Laplacette (+6) and Naveen Jindal (0). Palermo Polo had Dhananjay Singh (0), Siddhant Sharma (+4), Dhruvpal Godara (+5) and Samir Suhag (+5) playing for the team. The match started at 3:00 pm and Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions played in grey while Palermo Polo played in green. The umpires of the match were Julio Bensadon and Angad Kalaan.

Simran Singh Shergill scored a goal in the first minute of the match from a brilliant through ball from Raul R Laplacette. Simran struck the ball hard into the goal and the score was 1 - 0 in favor of Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions. After the goal, the game restarted from the half and Naveen Jindal quickly took the ball and ran with it towards the goal cutting past every defender in the way. He scored a wonderful goal for his team and the score was 2 - 0 now. Palermo Polo were awarded a chance to open their scoring account in the form of a 60’ penalty but Samir Suhag wasn’t able to convert it into a goal. The first chukker ended with Jindal Panther/garcha Lions leading by 2 - 0.

The second chukker was quite slow in the beginning but it paced along when a brilliant play by Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions was in progress and Simran Singh Shergill scored another goal for the team. A brilliant ball to Raul and a powerful strike from Simran constituted to Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions’ third goal. Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions were in a brilliant form today and the game was completely in their hands in the first two chukkers. Palermo Polo were goalless in the first two chukkers. Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions’ star player Simran Singh Shergill scored one more goal to add to the tally. He ran with the ball from the half court and ran past Palermo’s defence to score the fourth goal for Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions. The second chukker ended with scoreboard showing a score of 4 - 0 in favor of Jindal Panther.

Dhruvpal Godara scored a goal to get Palermo Polo back in the game. The score was 4 - 1 after Dhruvpal Godara’s goal. Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions took no time to reply back with a fantastic goal from the 60’ penalty spot. A powerful strike from Raul R Laplacette extended Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions to 5 - 1. A clean strike from 40’ penalty by Dhruvpal Godara marked the second goal for Palermo Polo. Palermo Polo formed a brilliant play for another goal but a goal line save from Satinder Garcha denied them the goal. Samir Suhag scored his first goal for Palermo Polo in the chukker and the chukker ended at 5 - 3.

The fourth chukker began with a penalty awarded to Jindal Panther/ Garcha Lions. Raul R Laplacette scored the 60 yarder and extended Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions’ lead. Palermo Polo again formed a brilliant play with Samir Suhag attacking from the front and Dhananjay Singh and Dhruvpal Godara assisting from behind. Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions were able to stop the play but Dhananjay Singh hit a powerful long shot that went through the goal. The score was 6 - 4 after Dhananjay Singh’s goal. Raul R Laplacette scored one more goal for Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions. The score was 7 - 4 but Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions did not stop here as an Simran Singh Shergill scored an easy goal from a long ball to end the chukker. The score was 8 - 4 after chukker 4.

Delhi Polo Season, Simran Singh Shergill
 Delhi Polo Season,

The last chukker opened with a 60 yarder penalty converted into a goal by Raul R Laplacette. Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions had the match and dominated the last chukker too. The score was 9 -4 after Raul’s goal. Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions increased their lead from a powerful strike from Simran Singh Shergill. The score was 10 - 4 after Simran’s goal. Palermo Polo were awarded a 60’ penalty in the last chukker and Dhruvpal Godara was able to score from a powerful shot. The score was 10 - 5 when Simran Singh Shergill scored from a long distance. He hit the ball casually from long distance and the ball hit the bullseye. It was a wonderful goal and the score was 11 - 5. In the final 30 seconds of the match, Dhruvpal Godara ran with the ball from the half towards the goal. The goal was empty and it was a brilliant chance to score. Dhruvpal Godara, instead of scoring it easily decided to score the goal by a backshot from angle but he missed the ball and the whistle blew for the match. Dhruvpal Godara wasn’t able to score that goal and Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions won the match by 11 - 5.

Match Progression: Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions - Palermo Polo: (2-0)/(4-0)/(5-3)/(8-4)/(11-5)