A dive into the Polo, Equine and the Luxury Lifestyle

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A dive into the Polo, Equine and the Luxury Lifestyle

The new edition of La Polo's digital magazine is out now.

The 174th edition of La Polo's digital magazine largely focuses on the upcoming Indian Polo Season 2021-22. Of what can be expected out of it and a detailed revision of the happening in the season by-gone, the feature at lengths looks at performances of players, the amalgamation of young with the experience and what was missed last season. Further forward, the digital magazine covers the interaction with horse lover and singer Ekin Ozlen. She proudly says, "I would spend my money on my horses rather than therapy." Reflecting her love on her horses, she has several hit songs featuring the beauties. Ahead in the digital magazine, we had on board Pranay Mehta who at depth discussed with us the future of tent pegging. Is it the next big thing? Find out in the digital magazine. How about some wine in new cities? The digital magazine brings to you a list of great wineries across the globe that must be on your list for the next travel destination. If you haven't subscribed to our digital magazine yet, now is the time to become the exclusive member of LA Polo family and get hands on special features, video series and news updates on first hand basis. Whatsapp 'LOVE POLO' now on +91 92160 02233 and become a member today. Also, stay tuned with our digital magazine and win a chance to WATCH POLO WITH LA POLO.

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