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Dutta Corp remains Undefeated In Joe Barry Cup

9th January 2019 | USA

Undefeated and Thrilling Victory signifies the pure speciality of Polo sports & that’s how Joe Barry Overwhelming cup goes

Enlightened with delightful winds waving towards the land of Wellington and magnificent it is, the blooming crowd compelling their presence at the polo field of International Polo club palm beach. Sun arousing from the level of water, leaving the mark of warm shadows. The feature game of the week at the International Polo Club Palm Beach, Wellington saw an exciting match in the 2019 Joe Barry Cup in which 4 teams revoking each other battling for victory.

The feature game of the week at the International Polo Club Palm Beach saw an exciting match in the 2019 Joe Barry Cup in which two teams, Dutta Corp go head to head with SD Farms. Both teams excited to face each other to show what they are capable of.

Here is the squad composition for both the teams as follows:

Timmy Dutta Sayyu Dantata
Lucas Diaz Alberdi Peco Polledo
Gringo Colombres Juan Martin Obregon
Kris Kampsen Jesse Bray

The 1st chukker underway with magical spirit in their mind and motivation on their faces. Chukker begun with Dutta Corp controlling the ball in the beginning and Colombres taking the ball in control and taking on defenders easily and converting a goal and finishing with accuracy to give his team the early lead. Adding to their magnificent form, Dutta Corp attack is absolute brilliant as scoring 21 goals in their opening game of the tournament seemed to be an unstoppable force once again, scoring 10 first half goals and excelling in a possession game that saw plenty of support for the ball carrier. After adding to their one-goal advantage on handicap with an early penalty conversion, SD Farms held an early 2-0 lead, but that quickly disappeared after four unanswered goals from Dutta Corp to end the opening chukker. Here ends the chukker with the result, Dutta Corp-5 and SD Farms-2.

The 2nd chukker evolves as Colombres easily able to escape from his marker and scoring 3 consecutive score taking an advantage of 6 goal lead for his team Dutta Corp. But seeing the major out turn, SD Farms making out the way to find an incredible comeback, they started out showing their opponent by heavy or tough playing with them and converting two goals making the lead for Dutta Corp 4. The chukker ends with result Dutta Corp-8 and SD Farms-4.

The 3rd chukker undergoes with featured a revitalized SD Farms team and Sayyu Dantata encroaching the ball and controlling the game in his half by making longs runs near the side lines giving an extraordinary display of entertainment for the crowd. Even coming back for an incredible comeback, the able to equalize the score on their behalf of the house.

The 4th chukker continuous a lovely bringing story and here starts the chukker. Jesse Bray’s first goal of the game tied the game at 11-11, much to the excitement of the crowd in the grandstand, with the outcome of the game to be decided in the final minutes. After Colombres and Bray traded goals to restore the tie, a miscue from SD Farms saw Colombres quickly jump on the loose ball and run it through the goal to put his team up by one with minutes remaining. A late run from SD Farms saw Bray break away for a run with time expiring and a long shot from 100 yards out didn’t make it to the goal in time as time expired and Dutta Corp claimed victory to remain undefeated in the Joe Barry Cup. Colombres captured his second consecutive MVP award behind a seven-goal performance, while his horse Coquito also won Best Playing Pony.

The final score of the match was Dutta Corp-13 and SD Farms-12. Congratulation to Dutta Corp for winning the match and displaying the undefeated run of victories of the team.

Dutta Corp remains undefeated in Joe Barry Cup
Dutta Corp remains undefeated in Joe Barry Cup


The feature game of the week at the International Polo Club Palm Beach saw an exciting 2nd match in the 2019 Joe Barry Cup in which two teams, Patagones go head to head with Santa Clara.

Here starts the highlight of the game where Earlier within the day, Patagones conjointly improved to 2-0 in a very 14-9 triumph over metropolis. What started as an in-depth game got aloof from metropolis within the third chukka, as Patagones’ Tomas Garcia town made a clinical passing attack to line up within the 4-0 chukka to finish the 0.5. Holding a 10-5 lead, Patagones managed their five-goal lead, commerce goals with metropolis throughout the last half. Santa Clara’s try at a comeback was littered with their trait, committing eight of their fourteen fouls over the ultimate 3 chukkers. Ultimately, the robust Patagones attack that saw twelve goals from Garcia town and Toccalino, due to robust support from the Joaquin and Benjamin Avendano proved to be an excessive amount of for metropolis within the 14-9 defeat.

Congratulation to Patagones Team for victory.