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The Easter Celebration

Here’s a small story describing how and why Easter is celebrated

Once upon a time in the Long Island lived a middle-aged man named Dominic Bourne. Dominic had a well-built shape for his age and lived alone in the apartment along with his dogs, Fluffy and Shabby. One Sunday while making breakfast for himself, Dominic heard his doorbell ring. A doorbell on a Sunday was unusual for him as no one visited him on a Sunday. As he opened his front door a bunny hopped in his house to drop off a decorated egg which was quite larger than the normal egg. The mailman delivered the mail to Dominic and said, “There’s a present for you on your kitchen shelf. Please open this mail before you do anything with the present.” While Dominic was signing his name on the receivers list, The normal egg, which was kept on the shelf was amused to see the decorated egg and asked it, “Why are you suited up when all you’re here for is to become an omelette?” To which the decorated egg first laughed and then replied, “I’m not a normal egg you fool. I’m an Easter Egg.” The normal egg was surprised to hear the term ‘Easter egg’ and asked, “What’s an Easter egg?” Replying to the egg, the Easter egg said, “As an Easter Sunday ritual, chocolate-filled Easter eggs are decorated with colours. Easter eggs signify new life, fertility and rebirth. Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches believe the hard shell of the egg symbolizes the sealed ‘Tomb of Christ’ and it's cracking represents his resurrection from the dead. Easter eggs, coloured in red, symbolize the blood of Christ and the joy of Resurrection.” To which the egg exclaimed, “So, you’ll not be broken to become an omelette!” The Easter egg happily replied, “No, I’ll be broken so that Dominic can eat the chocolates that are filled inside me and I’m not a real egg so I don’t have yolk in me.”

Dominic closed the door and saw the Easter egg on his kitchen shelf. He quickly opened the envelope to read the message. The message read as follows,

“Today is Easter, a Christian festival which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As per the New Testament of the Bible, Easter occurs three days after the execution of Jesus by Romans. The New Testament of the Bible narrates that Jesus was arrested by the Roman authorities because he claimed to be the “Son of God”. He was then sentenced to death by a Roman emperor named Pontius Pilate. His resurrection three days later marks the occasion of Easter. The Easter celebrations include the tradition of Easter eggs which represent fertility and birth and Easter bunny which delivers chocolates and sweets in the egg on Sunday morning.”

After reading the message Dominic broke the shell of the Easter egg and ate the sweets and the chocolates with his dogs to celebrate the happiness and positivity of the Easter Day. After having a hearty meal and chocolates with his dogs, Dominic concluded the festival by saying “Happy Easter” to which his dogs replied with “Woof… Woof…”