Equestrian Artists: Sculptures & Paintings

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Equestrian Artists: Sculptures & Paintings

Bringing to you some of the phenomenal equestrian artists

1. Bronze Horse Sculptures By Hamish Mackie


Award-winning Hamish Mackie’s works can be seen in public and private assortments around the globe. His untamed life figures are projected in bronze, silver or stainless steel as limited editions, each one signed, dated and numbered. Man's association with the pony is as old as time, and this has been consistently delineated through the arts. Ponies are included in the frieze of the Parthenon in Athens and the alleviation of the Apadana at Persepolis. A number of artefacts in the British Museum and the Louver show this relationship. The picture of King Ashurbanipal of Assyria with one leg on each side of his pony is well-known. His story was the subject of a significant show at the British Museum. The famous artwork, the Primitive Horse Head, was created in 2017.


2. Mark Maggiori is a French-American painter, graphic designer, draftsman, musician, music video director and lead vocalist of the nu metal band Pleymo. While being trained in academic drawing, Mark’s life took a significant diversion after he made a successful band and forayed into other artistic fields too, like animation, photography and filmmaking.
At 36 years, he settled on his vocation to paint. Mark rose through the years, to become one of the chief western artists of today.
His work brought numerous new chances, including significant performance and gathering shows, and a huge appearance at the 2017 night of artists at the Briscoe Western Art Museum, where he won the Sam Houston Grant.
He started to extend his oeuvre, and began to work more in plein-air, or the outdoors, investing his energy in farms with ranchers and riding a horse to familiarize himself more with the lifestyle. He looked for new energy in New Mexico, Arizona and Wyoming, and started adding extra flourishes to his works.