Equestrian Club In Dubai | In Ft. The Al Hamra Equestrian Club

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Equestrian Club In Dubai | In Ft. The Al Hamra Equestrian Club

Dubai has a new equestrian club and it is something that you should not miss. Read more about Al Hamra Equestrian Club.

Exclusivity comes right under Al Hamra Equestrian Club in Dubai as it builds on the hobby of living life to the fullest with the best riding area and a veritable oasis for nature lovers too. The owner, Saeed Saif Al Ghurair, a rider himself exactly knows what this lucrative industry needs. The club provides you with great livery and riding facilities for a richer experience on horseback in Middle-East.

With the stated level of horse walkers, grass paddocks, sand paddocks and covered arena alive at this magnificent club, here’s a chat with Saeed Saif Al Ghurair to what states more about it and why its a must visit club in Dubai-

LA POLO - What inspired you to open the club?

Saeed Saif Al Ghurair : I grew up around horses and it was a natural step to have a club in order to take part in growing the sport and develop it further.

LA POLO - What features make the club special?

Saeed Saif Al Ghurair : I guess it's the way we like to keep things here quiet simple and give the place a welcoming farm atmosphere.

LA POLO - What makes the middle-eastern element stay alive at the Al Hamra Equestrian Club?

Saeed Saif Al Ghurair : The middle east is all about the Arabian horse so we are trying to encourage horse owners and riders to look that way as well. Throughout the years the Arabian horse lost its place and its the time to bring it back to the scene.


LA POLO - What are the facilities available for Equestrians touring the Middle East?

Saeed Saif Al Ghurair : There are many facilities that are spread out throughout the region. There is even a grand plan in saudi Arabia to catch up with global equestrian events so we cant wait to see them a reality.

LA POLO - When is the best time to visit the Club for riding?

Saeed Saif Al Ghurair : Every day !

LA POLO - What is the beauty of being in the riding world of wonders?

Saeed Saif Al Ghurair : Horses have always been admired for many of their characters. Speed accuracy and compassion and with riding you are rewarded irrespective of the kind of sport discipline with the excitement I mentioned before. So its wonders that rider truly enjoys even if he is just sitting on the horse.