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The historically Significant Ezra Cup Concludes At Dubai

12th March 2019 | Dubai, UAE

The world’s oldest Polo tournament, initiated by the Calcutta Polo Club, was organized at Dubai, UAE for its 2019 edition.

Calcutta Polo Club, the world’s most ancient polo club that still holds a position of prominence in the Indian polo circuit, aims to open the world to its most prestigious cup. Ezra Cup has been regularly contested since 1880 and Calcutta Polo Club aims to organize the oldest cup of the world on the soils of various other countries with Ezra Global tour.

The first international version of the Ezra Cup, named after David Elias Ezra, a leading Jewish business tycoon in Calcutta who patronized the sport in the city, was held at the polo-loving city of United Arab Emirates, Dubai.

The tournament began at 22nd February and concluded on 9th March. Elite teams Pink Panthers, Sunford Rhinos, Bin Drai Kuwait, Bangesh Gander, and Desert Palm competed in the tournament in 5 exciting fixtures, each trying to capture the most coveted cup. The teams of Sunford Rhino Polo and Kuwait Bin Drai Polo qualified for the finale and an intense final match-up saw the Kuwait Bin Drai Polo team lift the trophy.

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