The Joe Barry Cup

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A Fierce Final Between Dutta Corp And Patagones Defines The Joe Barry Cup

15th January 2019 | USA

Undefeated and Thrilling Victory signifies the pure speciality of Polo sports & that’s how Final match of Joe Barry Overwhelming cup goes…

Enlightened with delightful winds waving towards the land of Wellington, Florida and magnificent it is, the blooming crowd compelling their presence at the polo field of International Polo club palm beach. Sun arousing from the level of water, leaving the mark of warm shadows. The feature game of the week at the International Polo Club Palm Beach, Wellington saw an exciting Final match in the 2019 Joe Barry Cup in which 2 teams revoking each other battling for victory.


The feature game of the week at the International Polo Club Palm Beach saw an exciting match in the 2019 Joe Barry Cup in which two teams, Dutta Corp go head to head with Patagones Team for uplifting the trophy in their hands with pride. Both teams excited to face each other to show what they are capable of.

Here is the squad composition for both the teams as follows:

Timmy Dutta J. Avendano
Lucas Diaz Alberdi B. Avendano
Gringo Colombres S. Toccalino
Kris Kampsen Garcia Del Rio

The first chukker started with both looking to hold the Joe Barry Trophy Cup in their hands and hold the 1st position. Here starts the chukker and Patagones team favoured with a penalty and they easily convert it. Patagones team displaying a strong capability of play defensively and attacking wise too. Here are the results as follows Patagones team- 3 and Dutta Corp-2. Here ends the chukker.

The 2nd chukker undergoes with Patagones team looking to strengthen their lead and Dutta Corp looking to an incredible comeback. Out of a sudden, contributing to the first significant lead for Dutta Corp at halftime 8-5. Dutta Corp playing with physicality and pressuring the opponent team, Patagones. Here ends the chukker.

The third chukker started with Dutta Corp looking strong and high and on the other side, Patagones team looking for an incredible comeback. Patagones team looking to strengthen their capabilities and playing with intensities But Dutta Corp depleting the pressure with their talented skills. Meanwhile, Colombres, Dutta Corp, in a spectacular display of skill, curved the ball around defender Benjamin Avendaño and result as follows- 10-6 Dutta Corp. Out of a sudden again, Garcia Del Rio to close the gap 10-7. Here ends the result.

The 4th chukker undergoes with Dutta Corp looking to win the title easily but Patagones in motivation can turn around the game in their hand with their superb Capabilities. several crucial chances to convert from the penalty line, Patagones let the title slip from their grasp as the minutes ran out and Dutta Corp maintained the gap to take the final 11-8. Here ends the result.

Congratulation to Dutta Corp for victory and winning the final match of Joe Barry Cup held at Wellington, Florida.
Here are the individuals awards as Gringo Colombres was named Most Valuable Player, securing four goals on the day. Best Playing Pony honours went to Colombres’ Coquito, a 10-year-old gelding ridden in the third chukker.

Kudos to the Dutta Corp team for uplifting the trophy and fabulous unbeaten run.

joe barry cup 2019
joe barry cup 2019