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Fighting For The Trophy In The Finals Of Gen Sparrow Cup 2019

10 March 2019 | Delhi,India

Sahgal Stud and Goal Diggers go head to head on the final day of the 4-goal Gen Sparrow Cup at the Jaipur Polo Ground

The action for the finals of the Gen Sparrow Cup came into action with an exhibition match before the coveted finals. With Mr Naveen Singh and Mr Angad Singh Sandhu umpiring the match, both the teams stepped onto the field with a zeal to lift the cup.

Sahgal Stud Goal Diggers
Rakesh Sharma -2 Nikhlendra Singh 0
Siddhant Sharma +4 Abigail Slater 0
Santu Chakraborty -1 Pranav Kapur +2
Gaurav Sahgal +3 Bhawani Singh Kalvi +2

The first chukker kickstarted with the chief guest throwing the ball amongst the players which was quickly won by Team Sahgal Stud as they swiftly moved towards the goal. A close encounter between the two teams winded up with Gaurav Sahgal scoring from the 30’ penalty spot. Team Sahgal Stud bagged the lead with Gaurav's goal. Rakesh Sharma running with the ball from the centre, hammered the second goal for Team Sahgal Stud. The match was quite interesting as Bhawani Singh Kalvi bagged the first goal for Team Goal Diggers from the 30’ penalty spot. Drifting in its final minutes, Siddhant Sharma tapped the ball in to mark the third goal for Team Sahgal Stud. The first chukker ended at:

Chukker 1 :
Sahgal Stud : 3
Goal Diggers :1

The second chukker quickly kicked off with Bhawani Singh Kalvi scoring from the penalty spot to mark the second goal for Team Goal Diggers. The match was quite intense and the scoreboard showed a difference of just one goal which was quickly nullified by Bhawani Singh Kalvi as he scored another one from the 60’ penalty. Scoring all the goals for his team, Bhawani Singh Kalvi was in full swing today. The scoreboard was equalised and the chukker was running in its final minutes when Gaurav Sahgal scored a fantastic field goal to give Team Sahgal Stud the lead as the second chukker winded up at:

Chukker 2 :
Sahgal Stud : 4
Goal Diggers :3

The action for the third chukker began with a small rift between the teams and the umpire which ended with Bhawani Singh Kalvi scoring from the penalty spot to equalise the scoreboard again. The school wasn't equalised long enough as Team Sahgal Stud scored their 5th goal. The scoreboard was moving quickly in the third chukker as Siddhant Sharma scored one more goal to help Team Sahgal Stud show their dominance over the opponents. The chukker ended with Gaurav Sahgal scoring one more to goal to end the chukker at:

Chukker 3 :
Sahgal Stud : 7
Goal Diggers :4

The game was in Team Sahgal Stud's hand and they switched their play to defence mode in the 4th chukker. Bhawani Kalvi scored a goal to mark the fifth goal for Team Goal Diggers but Gaurav Sahgal as he scored a goal to mark the eighth goal for Team Sahgal Stud. The last chukker saw a splendid stretched play from both the teams. Gaurav Sahgal scored a goal to wind up chukker at:

Chukker 4:
Sahgal Stud : 9
Goal Diggers :5