Polo | Jodhpur Polo Season 2018

Chandna Cavalry Polo Lift The Maharaja Of Jodhpur Golden Jubilee Cup

31st December 2018 | Jodhpur


The day started with sun looks shiny and bright and wind is magical in his own way. Crowd is demographically packed and wanted to watch their best team to win. The chief guest has arrived with his beautiful moustache, daughter of a key player is waiting for the match to begin so that she can shout her daddy’s name and a lady blasting come-on on the side lines as a motivational speech for the supporting team, all taken place on the final. Rajputana & central India Golden Jubilee Cup, the last day of the 10th goal tournament of the 19th Jodhpur Polo Season witness 2 teams contesting for the victory in the finals. Each team glancing towards the trophy to hold it with pride and that’s how the matches emerges for overwhelming jodhpur Season.

The final of the 10 goal Golden Jubilee league cup of the 19th jodhpur season, was in between Central Academy & Chandna Cavalry Polo. Both teams are always having a similar style of attacking and their horses are pretty fast too. All the best for both the teams
Here are the team squad for both the teams

Kr. Vikram Aditya Singh Barkana 0 Capt. Mrityunjay Singh -2
Mr. Kuldeep Singh +2 Mr. Ashok Chandna +1
Kr. Bhawani Singh Kalvi +2 Col. Ravi Rathore +5
Mr. Abhimanyu Pathak +5 Mr. Manolo.F.Llorente +6

The umpires of the match are as follows-

Mr. Alejandro Manuel Roldan Mr. Dhruvpal Singh Godara

Central academy is provided with .5 point in the final of the cup. The first chukker started with Ravi Rathore, Chandna Polo, in control of the ball. Out of sudden, a 60-yard penalty is awarded to Central Academy and Abhimanyu Pathak eyeing at the goal strikes it well but not able to put it away inside the goal-post as the ball go towards outside of the post. Abhimanyu is playing very defensively as well as attackingly. Out of nowhere, Manolo, Cavalry Polo, taking the ball towards the opponent goalpost and strikes it well and scores beautiful goal. The Chandna Cavalry Polo takes the league from Central academy. The scoreboard is Chandna Cavalry Polo-1 and Central academy-.5. Again, Chandna Cavalry Polo got a penalty in favour and Manolo without any pressure converts the ball into the goal. The score is Chandna Cavalry Polo-2 and Central Academy-.5. Here ends the chukker with the result Chandna Cavalry Polo-2 and Central Academy-.5.

The 2nd Chukker under ways with Manolo looking very confident and looking for extra-ordinary performance by him in the final match. Out of nowhere, Manolo taking the ball, dribbling the opponent player majestically and scores an outstanding goal for his team, Chandna Polo. The scoreboard is Chandna Cavalry Polo-3 and Central Academy-.5. Again, Manolo with his backhand scores one more goal and takes the leads with one more bump. Crowd and the commentator applauding his passion for the game. The scoreboard is Chandna Cavalry Polo-4 and Central Academy-.5. Again, Manolo scoring one of the best goals in the tournament, dribbling every player in the opponent half. Here ends the chukker with the result, Chandna Cavalry Polo-5 & Central Academy-.5.

The 3rd chukker starts with Chandna Cavalry Polo looking bright and high to win the match. Also, all the players in the Chandna Cavalry Polo are looking confident and without any pressure on their heads, playing the game of polo with happiness. The chukker begins with Manolo again looking for the ball and he controls the ball well. Out of nowhere, Ashok Chandna, the congressman, scoring an absolute banger for his team. Chandna Cavalry Polo team are on fire today on the finals of the cup. Again, Ravi Rathore out of nowhere scores one more goal for Chandna Cavalry Polo. The scoreboard result are Chandna Cavalry Polo- 7 and Central Academy. Ravi Rathore and Manolo. Llorente are showing their superb game today for Chandna Cavalry Polo. Abhimanyu Pathak, an amazing player from Central Academy is looking very angry on his team and shouting mesmerizing word in front of the crowd. This all happened in the game of every sports. Out of nowhere, Abhimanyu Pathak got a penalty and scores it beautifully for his team. Here ends the chukker with the Results favouring Chandna Cavalry Polo very high. The score is Chandna Cavalry Polo-7 and Central Academy-1.5.

The 4th chukker started with Kuldeep scoring brilliant score for Central Academy. The result of the scoreboard is Chandna Cavalry Polo-7 and Central Academy-2.5. Chandna Cavalry Polo are playing tight and tough and isn’t providing roam to the opponent team, Central Academy. Out of nowhere, Abhimanyu Pathak got a penalty and converts it beautifully for Central Academy. Here ends the fourth and final chukker. The scoreboard results are Chandna Cavalry Polo-7 and Central Academy-3.5.

Congratulation to Chandna Cavalry Polo for winning the Golden Jubilee Cup of Jodhpur Overwhelming season. Kudos and hailing to the term. Chandna Cavalry Polo

Clapping, Clapping, clapping it is.