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Col Girdhari Singh ASC and Black Bucks Fight For The 6-Goal Maharaja Prithi Singh Cup

03 March 2019 | Delhi,india

Capturing the live action of the intense final of the 6-goal cup where Col Girdhari Singh ASC and Black Bucks fight for the title

The action for the day began with the teams Col Girdhari Singh ASC and Black Bucks arriving on the field to fight for the 6-goal title. The umpires for the match, Martin Pascual and Cdr AP Singh, stopping the warm-up session, blew the whistle for the match to start.

Col Girdhari Singh ASC Black Bucks
Sep Ravindra Mang -2 Maj Gen AS Sandhu -1
Naveen Singh +2 Akshai Malik 0
Lt Col Vishal Chauhan +4 Yatinder Kumar +1
Col GS Pandher +2 Abhimanyu Pathak +5

Black Bucks, playing in blue started the game as Akshai Malik missed a shot and the play resumed with Col Vishal Chauhan drifting past Black Bucks’ defense. A powerful shot from Col Vishal Chauhan marked the first goal of the match. Team Col Girdhari Singh ASC was in the lead after Lt Col Vishal Chauhan's goal. The score was 1-0 and the play resumed with Abhimanyu Pathak hitting a powerful hook shot for Akshai Malik. Lt Col Vishal Chauhan interrupted the play and scored another goal for Col Girdhari Singh ASC team. The first chukker winded up at:

Chukker 1
Col Girdhari Singh ASC : 2
Black Bucks : 0.5

The second chukker quickly began with both the teams trying their best to score a goal. Col GS Pandher tried from Lt Col Vishal Chauhan's lofted ball which was nicely defended by Abhimanyu Pathak. Lt Col Vishal Chauhan blocked Team Black Bucks’ offensive play and scored a fabulous goal. The score was 3-0.5 with Team Col Girdhari Singh ASC in the lead. Maj Yatinder Kumar and Sep Ravindra Mang were indulged in a close encounter which ended with Black Bucks receiving a 30’ penalty. Abhimanyu Pathak scored the first goal for Team Black Bucks which was quickly retaliated by Naveen Singh as he scored a goal from Lt Col Vishal Chauhan's through ball to wind up the chukker at:

Chukker 2
Col Girdhari Singh ASC : 4
Black Bucks : 1.5

The action for the third chukker began with Sep Ravindra Mang charging towards the goal as he coasted past Team Black Bucks’ defence line and scored a fabulous goal from an aggressive shot to extend Col Girdhari Singh ASC lead. Team Black Bucks charged towards the goal to retaliate the goal but Lt Col Vishal Chauhan’s horse was fast enough to stop the ball from crossing the goal line. Lt Col Vishal Chauhan resumed the play as he hit the ball hard to replicate the previous goal to score one more goal. The score was 6-1.5 after Lt Col Vishal Chauhan’s goal. Abhimanyu Pathak kickstarted the play from the center as he scored a goal to bring Team Black Bucks back in the game. Akshai Malik scored the third goal for Team Black Bucks in the dying minutes of the third chukker as he tapped Abhimanyu Pathak's through ball into the goal. The third chukker ended at:

Chukker 3
Col Girdhari Singh ASC : 6
Black Bucks : 3.5

The fourth chukker kicked off with Naveen Singh scoring from the 60’ penalty spot and extended Team Col Girdhari Singh ASC’s lead. The score was 7-3.5 after Naveen Singh's goal. The play by Team Col Girdhari Singh ASC was quite defensive in the last chukker but Abhimanyu Pathak broke the defense to pass a through ball to Maj Yatinder Kumar which went through the ball from a deflection. A tough encounter between the two teams ended with Team Col Girdhari Singh ASC awarded a 60’ penalty which couldn't be converted into a goal by Naveen Singh. Abhimanyu Pathak, ramming with the ball, was involved in a very quick run which was ended with Team Black Bucks awarded a 30’ penalty which was scored by Abhimanyu Pathak. A minute was left for the match to end and the score was 7 - 5.5 in favor of Team Col Girdhari Singh ASC. The match ended at:

Final Score
Col Girdhari Singh ASC : 7
Black Bucks : 5.5

Col girdhari singh , Ravindra mang
Naveen Singh , vishal chauhan
 Abhimanyu Pathak

Col girdhari singh
Col girdhari singh akshai malik
 Col girdhari singh ,balck bucks polo team

Col VIshal Chauhan
Col girdhari singh
Col girdhari singh

Col girdhari singh akshai malik
Sandhu Ravindra