An Exciting Finale Saw Pieres’ led Pilot’s Lift The CV Whitney

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Pilot Comes Out Victorious In A Dramatic Finale Of The CV Whitney Cup

26th February 2019 | USA

Pilot dominate the finale of the grand CV Whitney cup. With a 13-6 win against Las Monjitas, they edge closer to the Gauntlet of Polo $1 Million dollar purse.

A knockout style tournament, the high rewarding first-edition of the “Gauntlet of Polo’s” CV Whitney cup concluded this Sunday with the powerful squad of Pilot’s besting the challenge of Las Monjitas. In an evenly-contested 22 goal tournament, each match-up saw a fierce competition and there were no tournament favorites coming in and the tournament was a riveting display of Polo all round.

Boasting an exceptionally strong performance in the semis, Pilot’s came highly confident into their final encounter with Las Monjitas.

Pieres brothers consistently raided the defensive lines of Las Monjitas in the final, capitalizing on their reduction to a three-man side due to continuous fouls in the second half.

As with most balanced Polo games, this encounter also saw a lot of Penalties and fouls and the majority of scoring for both sides came from their conversions. The Pieres duo opened up the scoring of the encounter. With Facundo setting up the play and Gonzalito hammering the shots, the brothers were successful in converting two field goals for Pilot in the first chukker. Las Monjitas’ Hilario Ulloa retaliated with a field goal of his own to conclude the chukker at 2-1 in favor of Pilot. Pilot’s momentum continued for the remainder of the first half. Both Facundo Pieres and Francisco Elizalde converted goals from the penalty lines. Pilot was able to hold a semi-commanding lead in an intense matchup, ending the third chukker at 5-3.

The heated match turned into a one-sided affair after Las Monjitas’ most effective player Hilario Ulloa was retired by the referee from the match due to continuous fouls in the early stages of the second half. With a minute and fifty-one seconds left in the 4th, a second yellow flag for Ulloa put Las Monjitas at a disadvantage with their 10-goaler out for two minutes, allowing Pilot to take advantage of the vulnerable three-man team and secure a seven-goal lead. Pieres brothers and Matias Gonzalez seized up the opportunity to pave a sizeable difference between them and their opposition. An impressive display of cohesiveness by the Pilot’s team saw them leading at the end of the 4th chukker with 10-3.

Ulloa’ s hard luck continued in the fifth as he was red flagged in the fifth on the counts of joining the game too early, receiving a suspension for the remainder match

Following that, Pilot’s strong attacks against the now 3 man team of Las Monjitas coasted them to the win. Facundo Pieres added a couple goals to the scoreboard to increase Pilot’s considerable lead 12-3 before 8-goaler Santiago Toccalino was permitted to step on the field as a substitute to Ulloa. Las Monjitas displayed a rejuvenated offense in the final chukker but Pilot was able to preserve their big goal deficit to a great extent. Even with a strong offense, Las Monjitas was only successful in converting three goals in the final chukker of the match. The first goal for Las Monjitas came by the way of an exceptional field goal by Toccalino, whose magnificent 100 yard shot hit its mark. Fighting until the very end, Gonzalez scored his second goal of the match to which Elizalde countered with two powerful shots on goal, ending the game with a 13-6 victory for his side.

MVP Gonzalez commented at the end of the encounter “The plan today was to create space for Facundo and Gonzalito so they could take the ball out, hit it downfield or allow myself to be an option for them to pass.It’s amazing to play with them, a dream come true to be honest. They are great teammates and conduct me very well on the field.”

CV Whitney Cup
CV Whitney Cup

CV Whitney Cup