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All Hail To Chandna Group For Winning The Finals Of Princess Diya Kumari Cup

6th January 2019 | Jaipur

2 teams came up in with a passion for uplifting the trophy with pride and great gestation after fighting the final battle of PRINCESS DIYA KUMARI CUP OF JAIPUR SEASON.

The day underway with wind blooming laboriously and sky turning meritorious blue. Crowd screening and chanting cheerful nodes for their teams. Side-lines are packed demographically. The Final of Princess Diya Kumari Cup opened graciously with propitious gestation. The last day of the 8th goal tournament of the Jaipur Polo Season witness 2 teams contesting for the victory in the finals. Each team glancing towards the trophy to hold it with pride and that’s how the matches emerges for overwhelming Jaipur Season.

The final of the 8thgoal Princess Diya Kumari cup of the Jaipur season, was in between Sahara Warriors & Chandna Group. Both teams are always having a similar style of attacking and their horses are pretty fast too. All the best for both the teams.

Here is the team Squad for Both the teams as follows:

Mr. Ranshay Purohit -2 Mr. Hurr Singh -2
Mr. Gaurav Sehgal +3 Mr. Vandit Golecha +1
Mr. Lolandra Dirawat 0 Mr. Salim Azmi +3
Mr. Manolo F. Llorente +6 Matthew Perry +6

The umpires of the match are as follows-
1. Mr. Abhimanyu Pathak / 2. Mr. Alex Roland

Referee of the match is as follows-de
1. Lokendra Singh

Before the first chukker begins, half point advantage favoured to the house of Chandna Group in this handicap. The first chukker under way with both team looking stirred to face each other. A good display of game showed by Sahara Warriors and Matthew Perry scoring 2 back to back goals for his team to snatch the lead from Chandna Group. Seeing this, Manolo Taking the ball in control and scoring a goal for his team, Chandna Group, so that pressure should be depleted from his team player head. Here ends the chukker with the results, Sahara Warriors-2 and Chandna Group-1.5. Sahara Warriors leading with half goal and towards the next side, Chandna Group not able to take the lead with half point advantage.

The 2nd chukker under way with both teams looking confident to start the chukker with agony. Again, Sahara Warriors took a massive lea as Again, Matthew Perry scoring 3 goals for his team account. Matthew Perry is on fire today. But Chandna Group in pressure finding the nets twice with the strike of players, Manolo and Ranshay. Here ends the chukker with the results Sahara Warriors-5 and Chandna Group-3.5. Matthew Perry have showed pure class of polo excellency.

The 3rd chukker undergoes with Sahara Warriors looking comfortable on the top and Chandna Group looking for an incredible comeback in the final of the 8th goal Cup. Again, Matthew Perry looking outstanding converting one more goal for his team to maximize the lead. Out of nowhere, Manolo F. Llorente scoring 2 consecutive goal for his team to deplete pressure for his team, Chandna Group. Manolo is like an underrated player who leaves his mark at every game of polo, he plays. Here ends the chukker with the result Sahara Warriors-6 and Chandna Group-5.5

The 4th and final chukker starts with Sahara Warriors looking to take the lead higher for winning the cup and Chandna Group looking for an incredible comeback to hold the trophy with massive pride and take it in their house. The chukker begins with both the teams providing extra defensive duties but Chandna Group players with fire in their eyes scores 2 goals in a moment by the strikes of Gaurav and Manolo. Chandna Group able to do the incredible comeback and showed their pure passion for the polo sports. Here ends the chukker with the results, Chandna Group-7.5 and Sahara Warriors-6. Congratulation tom Chandna Group for victory.

Congratulation for Chandna Group for winning the 8th goal Princess Diya Kumari Cup of Jaipur season. Kudos to Manolo F. Llorente and his team performance. All hail and applauds to Chandna Group.

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