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Sahara Warriors Had The Victory In Their Name For The First Day Of Princess Diya Kumari Cup

1st January 2019 | Jaipur

A easy victory for Sahara warriors on the opening day of Princess Diya Kumari Cup

The day started with sun looks shiny and bright and wind is magical in his own way. Crowd is demographically packed and wanted to watch their best team to win. The chief guest has arrived with his beautiful moustache, daughter of a key player is waiting for the match to begin so that she can shout her daddy’s name and a lady blasting come-on on the sidelines as a motivational speech for the supporting team, all taken place on the first day of Princess Diya Kumari Cup. The first day of the 8th goal tournament of the Jaipur Polo Season witness 2 teams contesting for the victory. Each team glancing towards the trophy to hold it with pride and that’s how the matches emerges for overwhelming Jaipur Season.

The first of the 8 goal Princess Diya Kumari Cup was battled between Jindal Panther vs Sahara Warriors. Both teams are always having a similar style of attacking and their horses are pretty fast too. All the best for both the teams

Here are the team squad for both the teams

Mr. Dhananjay Singh 0 Mr. Hurr Singh -2
Mr. Phill Seller +2 Mr. Vandit Golecha +1
Mr. Simran Singh Shergill +6 Mr. Salim Azmi +3
Mr. Naveen Jindal 0 Matthew Perry +6

The umpires of the match were as follows-

Mr. Naveen Kumar Mr. Gaurav Sahgal

Referee of the match was- 1. Col. Gorcha

The first chukker started with the both the teams looking confident. Out of a sudden, Salim Azmi, Sahara Warriors, scores an absolute banger and took a lead for his team. Again, Salim scoring one more goal for his team Sahara Warriors taking the scoreboard to Sahara warriors-2 and Jindal Panthers-0. Our of sudden, Matthew Perry, +6 goal player of Sahara warriors, scoring one more goal for his team. Here ends the first chukker with the score of Sahara Warriors-3 and Jindal Panthers-0.

The second chukker underpays with Simran Singh Shergill scoring goal for his team, Jindal Panthers. Again, Simran Singh Shergill converting a 60-yard penalty for his team and taking the scoreboard as, Sahara Warriors-3 and Jindal Panthers-2. Our of sudden, Perry scoring goals for his team, Sahara Warriors, taking the scoreboard as follows Sahara Warriors-4 and Jindal Panthers-2. Here ends the 2nd chukker.

The 3rd chukker started with both the teams looking for a victory. Out of a moment, Perry scoring an absolute banger for his team again and the score is as follows, Sahara Warriors-5 and Jindal Panthers-2. Here ends the 3rd chukker.

The 4th chukker started with Sahara Warriors looking comfortable for victory. Again, Sahara Warriors player, Vandit Golecha, scoring a goal for his team. Out of a sudden, Dhananjay of Jindal Panthers scores a goal for his team. The score is now, Jindal panthers-3 and Sahara Warriors-6.

Again, Vandit Golecha scoring one more goal for his team, Sahara Warriors. Here ends the 4th and final chukker with the result, Sahara Warriors-7 and Jindal Panthers-3.

Congratulation to Sahara warriors for victory.

princess Diya Kumari Cup
 princess Diya Kumari

princess Diya Kumari Cup
 princess Diya Kumari