Furb Montreal redefines sustainable luxury. Read them talking to LA POLO in a detailed conversation.

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Furb Upcycled: Repurposing fur garments

Striving towards sustainable luxury, Furb Montreal brings a new definition of vintage i.e. upcycled

Proudly standing among the pioneering brands dedicated to sustainable luxury, Furb is dedicated to re-purposing fur garments into refined fashion and home accessories. Sustained by a century of craftsmanship, each piece is made with intimate knowledge of materials and techniques, along with acute attention to detail.

From hand-stitched snaps to the leather braiding work used for the handbag straps, these are all techniques that take time, skill and add to the quality of the finished product.


“The creation of Furb Upcycled was driven by two very distinct movements: an appreciation and nostalgia for the past, and a keen awareness that we are becoming a society of disposable fashion with the planet paying the ultimate price. By repurposing an old coat that came bundled with warm memories and creating something elegant and purposeful, we knew that the time and effort would not only be rewarding to the client aesthetically, but would help steer the industry in a more thoughtful direction.”


Social and cultural milieu shifts illustrate why we need to be more responsible in what we produce and consume. Luxury brands that understand this are devoting their energies into adapting to that reality by finding new use in abandoned materials that would otherwise add to the accumulated waste. It can be as simple as developing new techniques or patterns to re-use old coats or as complex as creating an entirely new fabric made from discarded material.


Their statement says: “We have many pieces that would add comfort, warmth and style to any polo ensemble. Our Edgehill I, II or III vests in black, camel or denim not only match the colours for riding, they can also easily fit under a riding coat or be worn by themselves for a look that’s particularly handsome on a polo field. A player can also wear our Murray Barn Coat as his or her riding coat. It can withstand up to -5°C for matches during the winter months. The shell in Mushroom and Olive are water-repellent while the ones in Camel, Denim, Light Denim, Black and Midnight are dry-fast materials. If one was going as a spectator, our Victoria Overcoat would be the perfect statement piece, featuring a casual fit with a sleek cut. The detachable upcycled fur lining makes it the ideal jacket for any season. Pair it with any of our Roslyn or Aberdeen clutches for a modern, luxury look.”


Furb Upcycled’s debut collection is marked by the brand’s aesthetic of modernity in how women dress but rooted in timeless sophistication. Designed with an eye towards practical function but styled to be worn anywhere, from the office to a fundraising event, these are pieces that are meant to last and find their way into the wardrobe of the next generation.


Have the luxury to love the environment while rocking it in a fur coat. Go upcycle.