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Galloping into the theatrics of the equine industry.

Peak into Equine acting in the entertainment industry traverse into the watchmaker's breaking boundaries to achieve the peak of their dreamland. This edition of LA POLO’s digital magazine swings into the history, beauty, and style of the Equine industry and more.

Unwrap the 179th edition of La Polo’s digital magazine and discover the diverse aspects of how Equines are trained and become talented actors and know how the past and the future of equine actors built a protected industry for the horses. Flipping through the spread, tingle your senses with delicious cuisine laid down by these equine-styled restaurants, where you will experience not just the exquisite dishes but also the undeniable rapture of the environment surrounding you.
When technology meets the king of sports, witness how this exceptional Swiss watchmaker introduced Polo into the world of virtual reality. Polo with a twist of technology is an experience worth every sweet dime. Unearth how the distinguished Swiss watchmaker Rolex transcends into fascinating, entertaining, the daintier world of equestrian tradition and yacht racing.
This feature sails into the stream of cerulean parts of the Equine industry and starboards into the distinguished watchmaker's creativity and reaching new heights. You surely do not want to miss out.If you haven’t already you can become an exclusive member of the LAPOLO family and get your hands on special features, videos and news updates on an immediate basis. Don’t miss out and become a member today by sending ‘LOVE POLO’ on +91 92160 02233. Stay connected with the digital magazine and win a special chance to WATCH POLO WITH LAPOLO

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