A shopping experience since 1700 century. Image Credit: Greenwich Market

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London’s Only Historic Agora: Greenwich Market

10th June, 2018 | London

Uncover a historic shopping experience on the banks of river Thames.

Base on the engaging Farringdon Street of London, Greenwich Market is the ultimate delight for shopping lovers since 1700 century. Infused with independent antique boutiques, mouth-watering food stations, funky gastro-pubs, this 120 stalls long market is sure to make your purchase affair happening. One of London’s pre-eminent market has something different waiting for you every day.

Monday - We often hear people saying ‘OH! I hate Mondays!’ But, when you are to have a shopping day out with your bff, the only destination to make your Monday a fun day is Greenwich Market. Shop for yourself some extremely eye-pleasing vintage hats from Jane Fairheads and once you tired with all this choosing and buying thing, treat your stomach with fresh street food right from Italy with - The Panzerotto Pugliese.

Tuesday- So, you thought you’ll find every fantastic thing in Greenwich Market in just one day? Well, certainly that’s not the case. Tuesdays here have some other surprising elements. For all those who are obsessed with nature can have a quick walk in the market and discover handmade floral jewelry and scented wax items from Iida London. I bet some of you might not be that floral in their lives. But, I am pretty sure you love getting clicked or maybe clicking. Then my dear friend, next time you visit the Greenwich market on a Tuesday, don’t forget to pick up some vintage analogue cameras from Sam & J.

Wednesday- So you are planning to design your home with some amazing artwork? But certainly normal is now boring for you and you are looking for a change. Why don’t you go shopping in Greenwich Market on the third day of the week and explore Glasscraft amazing collection highlighting Alan’s skills on offcut glasses, wine bottles, shiny rock pieces etc. I am sure you’ll love it. And once you are done gazing at the entire market, stop by the station of Desi Indian Food and give your taste buds a Punjabi ride.

Thursday- Chocolates make everything seems alright. Greenwich Market has something that every chocolate lover would never think of missing. Yes! I am talking about Coopie-Coco’s homemade delicious chocolate truffle. Hang on there mate! Thursday can be the food adventure day on Farringdon Street. Sip up the famous ‘Dark Fluid’ - roasted coffee from Ideal Espresso and make your love for coffee worth.

Friday- Weekend vibes hit our minds the moment we realize it's Friday! For the high-heeled bunch of populace, it's time for some shopping. And, it's a proven fact that females have immense love and affection for bags. So, where can you find quality handbags that are stylish and express you? Definitely, Chap and Darling. When it's Friday, mostly the wait is for a new movie release. But you know what else you can do on a Friday apart from watching a new movie? Get a part of your favorite film memorized forever with unique coasters, stands and other pieces of work from Movie Mats.

Saturday- The weekend has officially started. It’s time to pamper the child within you and the best way to do it is by gifting yourself some beautiful dolls. Rush inside the Little Loomers shop and buy some hand-made rag and rabbit dolls. However, if you are a grown-up female and jewelry is your best friend, go check out Maree London’s amazing collection designed by Maria Thompson to provide a lady her most bespoke look.

Sunday - The most amazing day of the week! Sundays are officially assigned to enjoy the world outside the hectic workaholic schedule. And the best way to spend a few hours relaxed and happy is to make some memories with friends and family and cherish them for lifelong with Laura’s Drawing Memories that treasure happy moments in form of pencil sketches. Well, well, well, you know what can make a quick rush of happy hormones inside you? Food! And what if I tell you that you can experience the beautiful flavors of Portugal on the busy Greenwich market lane? Yes! Nowhere but at Taste of Portugal.

So now you know that on your next visit to London, you need to take out time every day from your weekly schedule so that you can explore and live the local gorgeousness of London.

London’s Only Historic Agora: Greenwich Market Jane Fairheads The Panzerotto  Pugliese Iida London Sam & J
London’s Only Historic Agora: Greenwich Market Jane Fairheads The Panzerotto  Pugliese Iida London Sam & J

London’s Only Historic Agora: Greenwich Market Jane Fairheads The Panzerotto  Pugliese Iida London Sam & J
London’s Only Historic Agora: Greenwich Market Jane Fairheads The Panzerotto  Pugliese Iida London Sam & J