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Kate Middleton’s Back To Nature Garden At The Hampton Court Palace Flower Show


With Floral Marquee bursting with colourful blooms and Country Living Pavilion, the Hampton court palace flower show witnessed Kate Middleton’s back to nature garden.

Glorious gardens, inspiring workshop, exciting activities and mouth-watering food, RHS Hampton Court Palace is here with its annual flower festival.

The Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is run by the royal horticultural society (RHS) and it is considered as the largest flower show in the world. It is the second major national show after the Chelsea flower show.

The Hampton Court Palace Flower Show focus more on environmental issues and how you can grow your own food and vegetables. The Festival this year has a very child-friendly focus; it offers treasure hunts at various feature gardens and wildlife activities so kids can get involved in the festival. 24 gardens were exhibited this year.

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton once again teamed up with award-winning landscape architects, Andrée Davies, and Adam White to co-design a garden for the festival. She redesigned her back to nature garden at the Hampton court palace flower show. It first debuted at the Chelsea Flower SQ how in May, now transferred to RHS Hampton court palace garden festival, the design of the garden have same wild and natural feel to the original one in twice the size.

For the day, Kate Middleton dressed in a green v neckline Sandro Paris dress along with summer-appropriate espadrilles to unveil the new version of her back to a nature garden.

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Some new features of her garden were:
● Hollow log
● Rustic dens
● Hidden burrow inspired by a badger’s sett
● A hill for playing
● A pond for children to paddle in
● A mini waterfall

Other than these features a special feature was added on the request made by duchess’s son Prince George - a set of stepping stones over a mini pool.

” The kids loved jumping across it and it was down to Kate we got that in” -Jake Catling, director of landscaping Kate invited children from the charities supported by her royal patronages and showed them around the garden with fun activities such as treasure hunt and bug spotting, followed by a picnic in the middle of the garden. The whole highlight of the garden was to show how spending time outdoors, interacting with nature can benefit a child’s mental well-being that last through childhood and over a lifetime. She talked to the children about flowers and shared outdoor heading stories. She also gave each child a small plant so they can take care of it back home. Her garden also included yellow buttercups, daisies, red clover, and beautiful orchids along with a bee-friendly meadow with tall grasses

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

“These environments enable children to develop skills for life through free play, building their confidence, strength, resilience, and social skills,” - Kensington Palace

The garden also features moss and branches which were collected by the Cambridge children’s, especially for the garden. Other than that, this year the festival is hosted with 4 garden categories, there are plenty of opportunities to see the show garden up close. One can witness and enjoy the garden of every angle including the Viking Cruises Lagom Garden and the Thames Water Flourishing Future Garden.

The festival is paying a tribute to legendary plantswoman Beth Chatto who passed away last year. Beth has been named as Horticultural Hero of the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival 2019. A display of Beth’s long and successful career will be celebrated with a gravel garden that inspiration from the Beth Chatto gardens.

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show