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UAE Polo and Abu Dhabi clash in a standout contest in the HH President of the UAE Polo Cu

22nd March | Abu Dhabi, UAE

UAE Polo emerges victorious in a hard-fought match against Abu Dhabi Polo on the second day of HH President of the UAE Polo Cup.

In an epic contest on the second day of the HH President of the UAE Polo Cup, the teams of UAE Polo and Abu Dhabi Polo put out an excellent performance at the Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club on Tuesday. With both teams itching to register their first victory of the tournament, UAE Polo and Abu Dhabi Polo were head-to-head in terms of scoring for the majority of the match but the game ramped up in intensity as the match progressed into the second half.

The first two chukkers saw an even field of play as both teams were able to counter or neutral their opponents’ offenses. The third chukker was where things got interesting as UAE polo’s Benjamin and Tomy Panelo secured a three-goal lead for their side.

Abu Dhabi retaliated in the fourth chukker, Alfredo Cappella and Guy Gibrat displaying a strong offense as they reduced UAE’s lead to 9-8. Capitalizing on the momentum that they managed to build in the 4th chukker, Abu Dhabi managed to register a lead for the first time in the match, concluding the 5th at 10-9.

The dramatic final chukker opened up with UAE’s Muzzio leveling the score with a brilliant goal. Abu Dhabi was quick to counter with a goal but Benjamin, who had displayed stellar form throughout the match, scored twice in the final seconds of the chukker to secure the 12-11 victory for UAE Polo.