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Don’t hesitate to put down the mallet and get riding lessons before trying to learn the sport.

While polo is a unique game wherein players on horses ride up and down a field, chasing a ball to score goals, it requires training to get it all right. To start learning polo, you require focus on riding at the basic level. Always carry a mallet while riding, focus on posture, control, on stopping, and make sure you feel comfortable with the horse. While learning polo, it may be a five steps’ forward-two steps’ back kind of scenario, which might be frustrating, but it’s progress nevertheless. Right from the moment you approach a horse, the way you mount and ride it, it’s all about training and experience. You should get to know your horses well, ask the trainer for the specific cues for your horse, and find out if there is anything important that you should know before riding. When you learn to ride properly and get better at hand-eye coordination, kicking the ball comes naturally. When starting out, don’t worry about swinging the mallet.

Learning the rules of the sport

Polo rules are required to be followed by the players strictly. You may watch instructional videos online that share the concepts and fundamental rules for beginners. Top five lessons:

1. Right posture:

Your posture while riding, position in the saddle, and so on, is going to impact the way the horse feels. Too far, and you’re sitting on their kidneys. Too forward, you’re sitting on their neck. You need to find that position, where you feel comfortable and in control, and you’re giving the horse enough room to move naturally.

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2. Gripping the saddle:

Finding your grip in the saddle is related to your posture and how you sit on the horse. You will need to spend time working on getting a grip and holding yourself in the correct position.

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3. Getting the horse to move:

You need to bear in mind while making the horse move that “ten horses, ten personalities”. It’s important to have a well-trained horse, ride the same horses as often as possible, and understand the horse before you get started with a match or a training session.

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4. Turning the horse:

Turning a polo pony involves a combination of body weight, foot placement and the reins. Use all of them correctly, in the most simple and gentle fashion.

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5. Stopping:

Stopping is probably one of the most impressive traits of a polo pony. Their ability to go from a full gallop to a near-dead stop, in a short time, is truly impressive. The basics of learning to stop the pony is to sit back, relax and lightly pull back on the reins. When you are able to improve your riding skills, before getting out on the polo field, you’ll enjoy the play.

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