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Horse Yoga: Let The Soulful Fur-Friends Be Your Soulmate

Horses have been known to be a mirror to human relationships.They hold an ability to cater to our inner experiences and allows us to grow and learn about ourselves.

There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse.” – Robert smith

We understand the spiritual and eternal aspect of living beings. Horses are considered to be not identified as egoistic. It is believed that the essence within us is the same essence that is within the horse. Horse and human are ultimately seeking the same thing – peace; which is why horse yoga is not only spiritual, but an ultimate quest for peace. People have been doing yoga with animals for a long time but unlike other methods of yoga with animals, horse yoga actually involves balancing poses.

Equestrian yoga or horse yoga is all about connecting with nature along with horses. It was built in order to improve the connection between the two living beings. It develops a deep connection between the horse and humans while being on their back enjoying horse yoga. The practice was originally created to work on core stability, balance and to be present, something a horse is too practiced on. It focuses on balance, body awareness, strength, breathing and presence of mind. It is also about working with the horses on an emotional and energetic level to overcome the fears that entrap us, for personal transformation and healing. You don’t have to be an equestrian to perform horse yoga; all you have to be is calm and patient. If you get nervous you’ll fail at making a connection with your horse. People who practice horse yoga say that there are a lot of things we can learn from the horse. We can learn about ear awareness, how horses are aware about sound, vibrations and energy. We can use our energy work to interact with the horses; this is how non-verbally you communicate with horses.

Be confident! Horses crave leadership and trust; hence confidence is the most important thing to keep in mind while interacting with horses. Horses are considered to be a good standby for yoga, because not only they are beneficial for the mind and soul, but they also connect themselves with the human emotion of life. They act as a bridge gaping between oneself and the world around us, the environment, but most importantly a bridge to develop through one’s own self awareness.

“Horseback yoga is not a question of domination; it is a magical connection with an animal that’s bigger than you,”

Horse yoga enables you to figure out if the horses were relaxed or stressed. Horses deserve as much as respect we do. We enjoy this unique and fun experience, we focus on understanding and managing energy to benefit our experience with the horses. Just like us, horses hold tension in their muscles and they get sore. The way we move into the poses gave them a massage, but we have to ensure that we did not hurt their spines or other sensitive areas. This is how horseback yoga has benefits for the horses as well.

One of the most important things is the correct alignment between your ankle and knee while performing an asana. Our knees carry 85% of our total body weight and they are essential to our ability to walk and stand. Lifting your arches is probably the simplest and safest way to do that. Correct alignment leads to fewer injuries and less strain to the knees.

One can also use the Maxtra Bareback Pad during practice as it distributes the rider’s weight more evenly and its material is gripper than other pads, which reduces slipping and helps the rider achieve certain poses

There is not any particular time to do horse yoga. You can do horse yoga before or after your ride. You can develop a deep connection with your horse anytime. Although a little yoga session before a competition helps you calm yourself and your horse down for better performance.

“My main goal is to help people get back in touch with nature and to realize that we are all part of it. I think horses stir something primal within us, and yoga helps to quiet our minds so we are able to feel that deep place within that is connected to all that is. When we forget we're connected, it's easier to cause harm to the earth. I hope to help people get back in touch with our connection to nature so that we may all work to preserve this earth.” - Angela Nuñez (equine yoga teacher)

In the growing world of distress, if the horses can hold you through life, then so be them, because nature and animals can never really seek you through life more than anybody else.